Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's been a good weekend thus far. Friday night I did the NoDa (stands for North Davidson) Gallery Crawl with my friend Sarah, and her co-worker Sarah. I met up with them around 5pm and we went to Cabo Fish Taco for an early dinner before hitting the crawl. I got (what else) fish tacos and a tasty margarita. Yummy stuff! The Sarahs both work for a health care non-profit and the reason for checking out the crawl was to see pictures that a photographer had taken at their organization as "the face of people without healthcare". Their organization provides healthcare to those in need without health insurance. Right in line with all the healthcare debates going on right now. I'm pleased to see organizations like this exist for those that slip through the cracks of the system. The Noda area is pretty cool. I've been there one other time for a night out, but missed the actual gallery crawl part of it and just went to two bars. We saw about 4 galleries. One was a big one with lots of littler sections of artwork. There was free wine, so that was bonus :)
After hitting the galleries we were wandering by this music venue called The Evening Muse and heard a beautiful voice coming from inside. We wandered in and stayed to listen for a while to Coles Whalen She was awesome! After that we headed to this other bar called Solstice and had a beer before heading home. It was a really great night out. I love that Charlotte has places like that to explore.
Saturday was one of my "lazy days". It seems I need one of those like once a week now. I did hang out with Greg before he left for work, and then went for a run, but lost all motivation to do anything really productive after that. I watched Donnie Brasco, a movie I had TIVOd, and then some other stuff. I also remembered to check in with the Pilot Wives Night In Chat when I was about to head up to bed, so I chatted with some pilots wives for a bit. One wife in the chat also has a husband that just got furloughed from Mesaba. I wonder how their lives will be with the furlough.
Today Greg and I headed out to Target to get groceries and some other stuff. I remembered that I had a Starbucks gift card and that Target has a Starbucks inside and was very thrilled to get my very first Gingerbread Latte of the year. OH Gingerbread Latte, how I've missed you!!! We also got the bunnies some food at Petsmart and then headed home so Greg could get to work. In the car we talked about all the pilots he's been driving to and from the hotel in the van. Yesterday he had a Compass pilot. He said half the time he doesn't think they even believe he is/was a pilot when he tells people. The Compass guy seemed optimistic about things and Greg said he felt like telling him not to get too comfortable. Guys with a couple years of seniority at some airlines seem to think they're invincible and my husband has 15 years of experience and the bottom still fell out from under him. Anyway.
Tonight I'm WICKED excited because I have tickets to see Pete Yorn!! I have loved him since 2001 when this guy I was dating before I met Greg first introduced me to his music. Sarah is coming with me. I hope she likes it! I found out a couple days ago he was coming here and just had to go, even though it's a Sunday- not the ideal night to see a concert since we have work tomorrow. Anyway, I can't wait!


Scott P said...

Thanks for mentioning Coles Whalen in your blog. I had the pleasure of attending a house concert in Marietta Georgia last night that Coles gave. It should not surprise you that her clear strong voice was a joy to hear as it filled the house with sound. I am most pleased by her new release, The Whistle Stop Road Record, which is available at CD Baby. It has everything: romance, murder, shakespeare great melodies and true honesty. I'll come back and visit your blog again - its great. If you have time check out Coles' Youtube video, WRECKING BALL, done at HITLAB. Thanks -Scott (Lilburn GA)

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