Monday, November 9, 2009

Random thoughts...

-I love to smother Greg with kisses when he's still in bed sleeping in the morning. I know I wake him up but I can't help it. He's all warm, squishy, and cuddly, and I just like doing it.
-I don't understand what that thing our janitor is pushing around the carpet is. It seems like a combination of a vacuum and street sweeper. Weird.
-I need to buy a pot for my new plant sprouts that Gibson gave me today.
-I think I'm due for a haircut, but fear my work of growing out my hair will be "cut short", pun intended.
-The forty VCRs stacked outside my office door need to find their way somewhere else soon.
-I want to clean out my closet when I am not home and think about it, but when I am home and think about it, I don't want to.
-I'm debating about whether to ask for gift cards to Ann Taylor/Banana Republic for Christmas or an immersion blender. Leaning towards the gift cards. I can keep crushing potatoes in the soup with the spoon...
-I love the pajamas I got at Target yesterday. I think I'll get some for my mom for Christmas.
-I want to paint my finger nails dark purple this week. Although- I did just see gray nail polish on Hilary Swank on Oprah and liked that too.
-I miss my brother today.
-My passenger side rear tire has a leak. And I need an oil change. Ugh.
-I'm listening to "To Live and Die in LA"- Tupac. Love me some Tupac. That's right.


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