Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recap of my Wednesday off

I've lost my bearings on what day it is because I actually had the day off yesterday! It definitely doesn't feel like a Thursday today. The day off was good and much needed. Tuesday night it took me a while to come out of my crappy feeling funk and stop being pissed off at Greg for his lack of initiative with his schedule problems and all the other stuff that came bubbling up with that. I've come to learn that basically the way I handle anger is that I have to get pissed off and be pissed off for a period of time (not that long), but once I have it out of my system, I tend to calm down pretty quickly. Greg understands this about me, but doesn't necessarily like it. He deals with anger and sadness very differently than I do. He definitely internalizes it more. He doesn't understand my need to go off about it and be outwardly angry, because he doesn't really do that. I am not a good grudge holder and when we argue, I am always the first to apologize or suggest we move on, because even when I think I'm right, it's not worth wasting time fighting about something forever because I can't get past my point of view. Knowing that we were off together Tuesday night and were going to have all day yesterday together, I knew I wanted us to make the most of it, so I quickly got over it and moved on.
Wednesday we got up in the morning and I made us eggs and potatoes for breakfast. Usually when I make potatoes I microwave them for a few minutes and then cut them up and brown them in olive oil in a pan. It works well. For some reason I didn't do that this time and used an oven safe pan so I browned the raw pieces for a few minutes and then put them in the oven to broil more. Later when I took the pan out and put in the stove next to the egg pan I was moving around the kitchen doing stuff and then I walked over with a spatula to spoon things on to the plates and forgot that the oven pan had been in the FRIGGIN HOT OVEN. Well, I grabbed the handle and burned the crap out of my left hand!! OWW! I basically spent all day yesterday moaning on and off about the burned hand. It was not pretty. Greg and I decided to go see "Zombieland" at the movies. I brought a freezer pack with me that I held during the movie. "Zombieland" was really good, I have to admit. It had me cracking up and I especially loved the Bill Murray cameo. I love going to the movies and Greg can usually take or leave it unless it's a "Resident Evil" flick, but I knew I could probably get him to go to "Zombieland" since it's a zombie movie and he tends to like other stuff in that genre too, like "Sean of the Dead". Greg and I shared a large popcorn and oh it was SO GOOD. Movie popcorn is one of my favorite foods.
After the movie we went to Costco. Greg was looking for a dehumidifier or air purifier for the basement but had no luck finding one. We did get some other stuff though: gigantic troughs of blueberries and kiwi, soy milk, veggie meatballs, eggplant parm, paper towels, coffee, Asian pasta salad mix, pumpkin pie (they have the best pumpkin pie and it's like $6) etc... I also got some new Adidas running shoes, but upon getting them home and trying them on and comparing them to my other pair, I'm wondering if I need to try and exchange them for a size 8. I'm usually a 7 1/2 or 8 and my old pair is an 8. The new ones are 7 1/2 and might be a hair small.
When we got home Greg worked on some applications. He found out a couple airlines may be hiring right now. He's got some connections at one of them and thinks it could be promising. We ended the night watching Glee (love that show!!) and South Park (I fell asleep during) in bed while eating some of that awesome pumpkin pie. In the words of Dr. Dre "It was a good day".


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