Friday, November 6, 2009

Yay, it's Friday! I had training for work two days this week and got to be out of the office, which was NICE. I pretty much love any chance to get out. In my job that I loved in DC, I actually drove around and acted as a liaison of sorts for my organization for the better part of the day most days, so when I moved to Charlotte it was kinda hard to get used to 8 hour days sitting in the office all day. That was also a nice thing about being a cop: being outside!
Last night Greg and Dan had their full-on reunion. It was decided that we would all go to my running group meeting spot. Dan seems interested in maybe joining the group, but was worried about the 4 miles. I told him he should join and I'll run with him. I am not liking how dark it gets so early now. I'm a slower runner than most in my group and running alone in the dark makes me nervous, so I ended up running when I got home from training yesterday and just going to out in normal clothes. We met up with Sarah, Kelly, and then Dan and his friend Dave showed up after a little while. Greg and Dan talked shop on airline stuff and we traded stories about a mutual friend, Austin and the shenanigans he gets himself into. It was a good time. The place was packed by the time Greg, Dan, Dave and I decided we were starving and wanted food. We went across the street and got some burgers and talked more. I had a great time. I think Greg was happy to reconnect with Dan. I hope their friendship will continue.
Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but a while back I applied to the Postal Service for Greg for a job I found. He went to the testing a couple weeks ago and was contacted for an interview today. He went and found out that the job is on-call and part-time and sounds really crappy. About 30 people were there to interview for the job too. Greg decided to just leave. I don't blame him. I felt bad for him wasting all that time. I didn't realize when I applied for him that it was part-time and on-call. Blech.
Oh Continental! Please call back the Furloughs!!!!


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