Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost Blog Pictures

So, a little update on the phone/camera situation.  My hubby FINALLY got home yesterday and I seriously must have called him like five times from work wanting to know if he was able to fix my phone and/or camera.  I got home and found that he had basically fixed BOTH!!  (Is he amazing or what??)  Well, sort of.  I was playing around with the camera later and the screen went purple, so he's going to work on it again today, but it was working briefly yesterday and I have high hopes that he'll get it working again.  My cell phone appears to be totally fixed, which is actually the item I had less hope for, so I'm thrilled he got that working, especially since upon looking up my phone online for pricing, I was finding it at upwards of $300! 

So, since it might be a little longer til my camera is working, here is a post involving random forgotten pictures.
I'm not sure if other bloggers have this issue, but I sometimes take pictures of things I forget to put in the blog.  These were pictures intended for the blog, but somehow I got sidetracked and they never made it in.  I will try to recollect where they were from!

This would be green tea, which is my other love when I don't drink coffee in the morning.  My friend Gibson got me totally addicted to coffee (we go at work), so I rarely drink green tea these days, but occasionally I do. 

This would be a cherry pitter.  I LOVE this thing.  I got it a couple years ago and mainly use it when I'm making fruit salad and want to throw a bunch of cherries in the mix.  You just put the cherry in the circular spot and squeeze the handle and it punches the pit out of the cherry.  Yes, it's fun!

Smoothie In A Mug = SIAM!
This actually might have been my first ever Green Monster picture.  For some reason I had this smoothie in a mug instead of a glass or my usual insulated mug from college.

Fish sticks and grilled zucchini.  Can't remember when I had this, maybe like two months ago??
On an impulse buy at the grocery store I decided to try fish sticks for the first time in oh, probably 20 years.  I saw that Gorton's makes these tilapia fish sticks with panko breading now, and wanted to try them.  Weird fact about me- I've NEVER made fresh seafood at home.  It's one thing I'm completely terrified to cook.  I'm afraid it will either be undercooked or overcooked and that it might make the whole house smell fishy.  I figured I could bake frozen fish sticks and satisfy my craving and my curiosity...   
Do you have anything you are afraid to try cooking?

Oh!  This one was a pretty major FORGOT to blog- I went to this awesome cupcake place with Jen about a month ago!  It's called SAS Cupcakes and it's in Blakeney.

These were SO GOOD!  Greg helped me eat some and we ended up freezing a bunch.  I think we have like one left...

Let's finish with some never before seen pictures of Clyde :)
Happy Clyde!!

Jen and Clyde!

Sleepy Clyde...

I'm-too-small-for-my-giant-doggie couch Clyde!

I'm hoping to be back in business with a camera tonight!


Runblondie26 said...

I can't imagine not having a cell phone anymore. How did we ever survive? I'm so happy yours are coming back to life. Sometimes a little drying out and a touch of luck are all they need.

Tricia said...

I didnt even know cherry pitters existed. so cool!

Jen said...

and now I want a cupcake :)

Brittney said...

Yes, it was pretty tough being without a cell phone in this day and age!
Link to cherry pitter for $13:
I always want a cupcake!

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets everything fixed! I am so untechnical, I would have to take mine to a place.

I've heard wonderin things about SAS, I need to try them! I got a Groupon to another cupcake place in South Charlotte and need to use it soon. I've never met a cupcake I didn't like :)

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I'd eat cherries if I had a cherry pitter! How did I not know this existed?!

Kristina said...

oh... now Basil is jealous of Clyde's doggie couch.


he has giant pillows all over the house, but no couch of his own...

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