Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Yoga Story

Once upon a time I was a pretty avid yogi.  Back in February of 2007 I took my first yoga class and got hooked.  I took lessons at a studio in my town and then eventually followed my instructor over to the YMCA when she started teaching there and got into more challenging classes like Power Yoga.  I loved that class and consistently went to Power Yoga every Saturday morning even if I didn't make it to any other classes during the week.  It always made me feel good and the workout was awesome. 

Then Greg got furloughed.  We needed to cut expenses as we didn't know when he'd be working again.  At that point it was hard to justify my Y membership when I was really only going to about two classes a week.  We decided I could do other things to keep in shape, like workout at home and RUN.  Which was when my love of running really grew.  Running was FREE and even better, I met a great group of people to run with, which is something I didn't have with yoga previously.  Yoga fell by the way side. 

Tonight, my year + hiatus from yoga ended and i unrolled my mat and attended a Power Yoga class!  I snuck in just after it started after having a little trouble finding the studio, but quickly saw Jen, Jessie, and Katie, and knew I was in the right place.  Yay for having people to do yoga with this time around! 

My previous yoga classes were held in air conditioned rooms.  Um yeah, this place doesn't do that.  This wasn't even a HOT yoga class and within a couple minutes I was DRIPPING with sweat.  Like, I was a human fountain of sweat.  Like, I didn't even know I had that much moisture in my body to come out!?  Yeah.  Everyone has these thin towels on their mats at this place, which I have never seen before, and NOW I know why- because you are SO SWEATY that you slide all over the place without that towel thing on your mat.  Ok, sorry, I know this is gross.  I guess I need a towel thingie.

So, there was lots of sweat, but also there was the great feeling of returning to yoga.  I am not a really flexible person and yoga really helps me with that.  It was like riding a bike and I totally remembered what to do in all the positions.  I happily transitioned into Warrior 2, my favorite position, and just kept thinking how great it was I was back on a yoga mat again.    It also all felt fine on my knee, and seemed to help loosen my knee up.  Actually it loosened all of me up.  I'm putty right now!  I think it'll be great to be doing both yoga and running again.  I should help my running once I'm back out there.
I left the class drenched, but happy.  I signed up for a month pass to start out with. 

Upon arriving home I showered (best shower ever!!), then cooked up some grilled veggies: pepper, onion, and yellow squash, with black beans, and Quinoa with some cilantro and lime juice (inspired by the rice at Chipotle that I LOVE).  I sprinkled it all with a little shredded cheddar.
I think I'm gonna sleep good tonight.


Barabara said...

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Jen said...

Yay so glad you loved it :)

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