Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Whirlwind Saturday

I actually have some pictures to post!  The advantage of being friends with other bloggers is that the have their camera armed and ready most of the time and I spent two meals with Kelly Saturday, so she graciously sent me pictures of our happenings :).  I kicked it off with a long walk with Clyde and then a couple circuits of Jillian Michaels.  Then I got ready for another bridal shower for Kelly.  This one was for family and bridesmaids and was lunch at a tea room.  It was really cute :)  Kelly and I actually ordered the same thing- spinach quiche with a salad and fruit.
The quiche was especially delicious.
We also had fabulous cupcakes made by Kelly's Aunt.

I got Kelly this pitcher from Pottery Barn from her registry:

After the shower I ran some errands.  I got a new pair of yoga pants, pet food, and got my oil changed.

Then I headed home to hang with the pup for a couple hours.  Then something traumatic happened.  I was outside with Clyde.  I always take him out on his leash, because I'm paranoid he'll run away.  I had him in the front yard.  Our neighbors have three dogs- a pug, a little white dog (not sure what breed), and a german shephard.  I actually don't see their dogs that often.  They take them out in the backyard and occasionally I'll see them going up or down the deck stairs, but I've never interacted with them.  They also don't ever really have their dogs on leashes, which doesn't seem to be a big deal because they follow whoever takes them out.  Well, yesterday Clyde was far enough over in the front yard that he and the german shephard happened to lock eyes when they were out at the same time.  The next thing I knew the shephard took off running towards us and I immediately reacted by trying to run with Clyde towards our front door.  I fell trying to run in flip flops and grab the shephard before Clyde became a chew toy.  I was able to somehow get up and get Clyde inside before he got hurt and the girl next door got to her dog to call him back.  I ended up scratching up my leg really badly though.  I have about a 4 inch "road rash" on my shin, and my hand is also scratched up.  I went inside and kind of freaked out.  Greg happened to call right then and I cried and whined on the phone to him.  I bandaged myself up and put ice on my wound.  My neighbor (the husband/father) actually came over to apologize after hearing what happened.  I'm really not mad at him.  He said his dog is harmless, and he's probably right, but I wasn't going to stand by and watch my dog get torn to shreds if he wasn't.  That's the problem with a little dog.  You worry about their safety a lot.  Big dogs are kind of a threat.  I feel like they should have their dogs on leashes just in case. 
Anyway, it's over, but I'm not happy about the big gash on my leg.  Not good timing in the middle of summer where I want to wear dresses and shorts.  I would do it again though to make sure Clyde is safe.  My motherly instincts appear to be kicking in...

I contemplated not going to dinner, but since I couldn't call anyone (still don't have a phone), I figured I'd suck it up and go, even though part of me wanted to stay in and ice my leg.  I met Kelly, John, Thomas, and Jess for dinner at Fiamma.  It's Charlotte Restaurant Week and participating restaurants have a three course meal for $30.  I actually arrived first and asked the waiter for a wine recommendation, he mentioned a Super Tuscan and I pretty much tuned out the rest of his suggestions and knew that was what I wanted.  My parents have long been fans of Super Tuscans and they are kind of rare.  When the rest of the crew arrived they wanted it too and got a bottle.

For my dinner, I opted for a Caprese style salad.
This might have been the best fresh mozzarella I've eaten.  It was incomparably creamy and yummy :)
I got black shrimp ravioli with lobster sauce as my entree.

I finished with tiramisu, but only got partway through it before boxing it up to take home.

Here is a shot of our dinner group.

Thanks to Kelly for all the pictures!  I'm hoping I'm back in business with a camera sometime this week...


Jen said...

Kelly's bridal shower looks like it was really nice!
So sorry to hear about Clyde and your leg! Was the german shepherd outside without a leash or supervision? That seems REALLY irresponsible of your neighbors. I'd say something to them!

Kelly said...

Whose John? That's Jason. :) I'm so bad with names too. Can you tell I'm sooo behind reading blogs?

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