Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brunch at Terrace Cafe

Waaaaaay back in April I believe, I got the daily Groupon for Terrace Cafe.  It's a restaurant in the South Park area of Charlotte, and I'd seen and heard all about the menu from friends and other bloggers.  I'm a huge fan of breakfast food in general and appreciate the classics like omelets and french toast cooked well, but I also think it's so cool when a place thinks outside the box and gets creative with breakfast food.  Case and point.  Terrace has S'mores french toast and Red Velvet Waffle on the menu.  Totally awesome!

In planning the weekend activities, I thought it would be fun to take Greg's parents to Terrace Cafe for breakfast. 

I had been nervous about getting a table there and had a couple back-ups in mind if Terrace was too busy, but we happily were seated immediately!  Yay!

Here's the people that produced my awesome husband!

And me and said awesome husband :)

As said before, I am totally impressed that Terrace has some creative options on their breakfast menu, so I HAD to go with the Red Velvet Waffle, with a side of fruit.
It was drizzled with cream cheese sauce.  It was Delish!

Everyone was amused at my food picture taking, and insisted I photograph their breakfasts as well.

Greg got a waffle with blueberries and a side of hashbrowns.  I think he's carb-loading for some secret race he hasn't told me about... ;)

My mother-in-law had the daily quiche, which came with a small salad and hashbrowns.

My father-in-law got the breakfast casserole with fruit:

Everyone really enjoyed the food, service, and atmosphere at Terrace.  I think we'll definitely be back!

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Nicole said...

Red velvet waffle with cream cheese sauce? Sounds amazing!

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