Monday, September 13, 2010

Cleaning and Shopping

Sunday involved much more house cleaning.
I went through the fridge shelf by shelf and cleaned and organized it.

This one's for you Katie Jones

So there you have it, pictures of the inside of my fridge!

Sometime this week I'm hoping to post some pictures of the rest of my house, but I still have more tweaking before that happens ;)

Greg requested his favorite breakfast- crossaints with Nutella, so we had those with mixed fruit on the side and I made a coffee spiked with fall spices- nutmeg, clove, ginger, cinnamon.  MMMMM :) 

Later I dropped Greg at the airport and decided it was time for some shopping.
A fews days ago someone posted something about doggie stuff at Crate and Barrel.  I LOVE Crate and Barrel!  Doggie stuff??  YES!  We've been using a ghetto Pupperoni container to house Clyde's doggie treats since we got him, and I figured it was time for a stylish treat jar- especially since we keep it in the entry way of our house!

I also got this cute placemat to put his dog bowls on :)

While in South Park, I ended up detouring into the mall for a bit.

I made a purchase here.

I used my Groupon (paid $25 for $50) at the Gap and got a cardigan and dress.

Then I went to Earthfare to pick up some items.  Kristina and I decided to do a little bloggie food exchange, so I got some stuff for that :)  Can't show you what I got or I'll ruin the surprise ;)

Then I made dinner which consisted of veggie shells (from the Healthy Living Summit swag bag), tomato sauce, a chikin (fake chicken) patty, topped with some parm with a side of snap peas.

I watched the VMA's til I crashed, and apparently missed Gaga in a meat dress...damn.


Kristina @ spabettie said...

woo HOO... I am *SO excited by what I have for you also. I will be sending your package tomorrow / Tuesday - there is one more thing I need to do... :)

I need to check out C & B for pup things.

and now you have me craving a nutella croissant.

Kelly said...

I want to see what you bought from Anthropologie! I push that place like I'm getting a cut of the profits. I think they owe me marketing $. Whatever it is, I bet it's cute! :)

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