Monday, September 13, 2010

Pantry Raid

After a long Monday at work, I met Kelly for a 5 mile run around South Park tonight.

We finished in 51:40, here was our break down.

Mile 1 - 10:13
Mile 2 - 10:08
Mile 3 - 10:26
Mile 4 - 10:20
Mile 5 - 10:30

(photo courtesy of foodiefresh)
Kind of a slow run for both of us, but we both agreed we weren't really running for speed tonight and we did a lot of chatting along the way.  It was good to catch up :)

Back at the hacienda I whipped up a salad for dinner:
Romaine lettuce
artichoke hearts
with a dressing of artichoke oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper

Next I thought I would give you a tour of my pantry, inspired again by Katie.

Greg and I lucked out in that we have a HUGE pantry in this house.  I'm a big fan of a well stocked pantry.  I've mentioned before that we rarely make a trip to Costco that costs less than $100 $200.  Greg and I like having a plethora of snacks to grab for work.  He takes them on trips and I bring them in my packed lunches.  I also love having tons of canned beans, whole grains, stuff for baking, tea, etc...  As you will see.  Greg teases me that we could eat for a month on what's in our pantry alone, and he's actually probably right!

On with the tour.

Come on in!

Straight on, we use these shelves as sort of our make shift bar.  Bottles of liquor, shakers, etc..
Up top is some ourdoor placemats a pie keeper, and a cake keeper.  I have a William Sonoma apron hanging there too.

Along the bottom we have the aforementioned Costco mega-boxes of stuff.  I rarely drink soda, but the hubby likes his Coke (runs in his family!).  There's also baked chips, coconut water, organic canned tomato, microwave popcorn, Quaker oats, peanut bars, paper towels, beer, Gatorade, soy milk.

Ok, here we have more of the snacky area of the pantry.  Sun Chips, sweet potato chips, pita chips, crackers, tortilla chips, Nutella, some different Kashi and protein bars.  The basket is housing mainly my running fuel (Sharkies, Shock Bloks, etc).  There's also a bin of plastic silverware and you can see some coffee stuff in the upper left corner (grinder, filters, etc)

Ok, the top shelf houses many of our lesser used small appliances: waffle iron, ice cream maker, panini press.  I also keep a smaller container of rolled oats, steel cut oats, and protein powder.
Second shelf my pasta and grains, flax seeds, chia seeds, more tortilla ships, straws...

This would be the baking section of the pantry.  Ghiradeli brownie mix (SO GOOD), cocoa, salt, chocolate chips, sugars, oils, etc..
You can also see my tea stash in the upper right hand corner.

This is a repeat of the last shelf on the bottom, but the top shelf is all my canned stuff.  Tuna, black beans, chick peas, sauce, bread crumbs, popcorn...

Up top we have my crock pot, turkey roasting pan (used once a year!), and some baskets.

The back of the pantry houses a few more baking goods, also potatoes and onions.
Picnic basket, paper bags, big bowls, trash bags, plastic picnic plates, cups, etc...  Lunch box.
Notice up top we actually have a Chocolate Fountain (wedding present).  Also paper cups.

So that's about it. 
Do you keep a lot of stuff in your pantry??


Kristina @ spabettie said...

yes, my pantry is out of control right now... we have a large pantry with pull out shelving, and while it is pretty organized, there are some areas that need to be 'thinned' :)

chocolate fountain!! :D have you ever used that? FUN !

Brittney said...

Yeah, our pantry could be a lot more organized than it is, in case you can't tell ;) If you look at Katie's link, there's a bunch on there that are VERY organized and are giving me pantry envy. I'm not sure I have the time or dedication to get mine looking like that though.
Yes- we have used the chocolate fountain! It's best to use it with bigger groups. One night I hosted a dinner party and we got it out:

Cindi said...

Omg if you think your run time was slow- you should never run with me! I'm so impressed people can run at that pace while chatting!

Nice pantry! That is huge!!!

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