Thursday, September 23, 2010

Special Delivery!

A couple weeks ago, Kristina at contacted me and wanted to know if I would want to do a package exchange with her.  The idea was to get some fun, unique, and regional stuff for each other to try.  I was totally on board!  My package came yesterday.  I was excited to see it waiting for me when I got home!

Then I opened it!

Kristina has a dachshund named Basil.  Part of our relationship revolves around tweeting, emailing, and sharing stories and pictures of our cute doxies.  So I was excited when I opened up the package and the first thing I saw was these!

Personalized doxie cookies!!!  How cute is that??  She also sent me the cookie cutters that make these!
Clyde and I nommed on one right away!

Clyde had a tail.  Or maybe it was foot.  Not sure.  We both liked it!

Check out the spread!  Cookies, protein powder, hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, coconut butter, nuts, running fuel, bars, and SPA stuff!  Wow, wow, wow!

She went all out!  Thanks SO MUCH Kristina!!

I wasted no time breaking into my coveted jar of coconut butter and making a pre-run snack with it.

I had a half a sandwich thin with coconut butter, banana, and granola on top.  So good!!

I did 5 miles with Kelly and Michelle in South Park.

Mile 1- 10:24
Mile2- 10:35
Mile 3- 10:35 (wow, we're consistent!)
Mile 4- 10:26
Mile 5- 10:40

I, for one, was feeling tired, hot, and sluggish on this one.  I'm hoping my next one will involve more energy!  It was great to have the girls to run with though.  I have a feeling if I'd done this 5 alone I would have cut it short and not done the whole 5.  That's the great thing about running with other people!

We followed the run with the Earthfare salad bar and then PINKBERRY.  I had good intentions of going the fruity route this time, but remembered the deliciousness of the chocolate coconut combo last time and couldn't resist and had to do it again!  I <3 fro-yo!


Kristina @ spabettie said...

wee ! I am so happy you (and Clyde!) like! is the coconut butter all you wanted and more? :)

I hope you like the Hemp Hearts as much as we do... we eat them in the morning with yogurt, and sometimes I eat them with a spinach salad or I vitamix them with my spinach smoothie!

XXO we'll have to do it again! (so you can have more Skout bars!!) ;)

Michelle said...

Awe, what a great idea! I'd love to do a package exchange with someone. I can't find coconut butter where I live, is it as delish as it sounds?!

Jessie said...

That looks like a great package!

Tina said...

Blogger friends are the best. They always know the perfect things to give.

chris mcpeake said...

awesome package

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