Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sunny Sunday

The weather in Charlotte is seriously gorgeous right now!  The high was in the mid 80's with a light breeze all weekend, which I know is hot by some standards, but when it's been in the upper 90's for almost an entire summer with pea soup-type humidity, so this feels AWESOME! 

When Greg got furloughed a couple years ago, we kind of stopped doing house projects in the interest of saving money.  One thing we've definitely let lapse some is our landscaping.  We have been in pretty desperate need of new mulch for a while.  We've had a few rounds of cheap pine straw each year, but that stuff disentegrates over time and then you've got dirt showing = not very pretty.  For whatever reason we both decided enough was enough and we bit the bullet and bought out our nearest Wal-Mart's supply of brown rubber mulch this weekend. 
It looks sooooooooo much better!  I also love that this stuff lasts a long time and is made from recycled rubber.  Bonus!

The hubby also did a little driveway crack surgery.  He's pretty handy.  I think I'll keep him ;)

For lunch we had Asian style pasta salad.
This was whole wheat fusilli (Harris Teeter brand)
snow peas

Basically I cooked the fusilli and in the last 3-4 minutes added the carrots to cook them a bit (but you could have them raw).

Then I drained the carrots and pasta, added the cut up zucchini and raw snow peas.
Then I tossed them in a sauce made of (mix this with a whisk):

1 Tablespoon of Organic Peanut Butter
A little less than 1/4 cup soy sauce
1 1/2 Tablespoons of Rice Wine Vinegar
3/4 Tablespoon of sesame oil

Toss all together and serve cold.  :)

Greg left for work after lunch and I did a little lounging.  I read out on the deck for a bit in the lovely weather. 

Later, I went to Katie's to feed and take care of her cats.  I've been watching them all weekend while she's been on a cruise.  It's been relatively easy filling their food and water bowls, scooping the litter box, and petting/playing with them for a bit when I stop in.  Last night I had some dinner plans, and opted to head over and take care them before so they'd be all set.  Upon arrival Weasie met me at the door.  I've gathered she's the more needy/friendly of the two. 
I didn't see Ralphie, but went ahead and took care of everything else thinking she'd pop out at some point while I was milling about.  Once done with everything, I still haden't seen her, so I decided to look for her and make sure she was okay.  NO SIGN OF HER ANYWHERE!  At this point I started to panic and even called my husband, who was in West Virginia and could not do anything.  He did calm me down and kept reassuring me that cats hide in all sorts of weird places.  I looked and looked.  I KNEW there was no chance when she could have gotten outside, because I'd been REALLY careful about making sure the cats didn't get out when opening and closing doors to outside.  But I started doubting myself and worried that she had gotten out when I couldn't find her anywhere.  I was about to lose my mind when finally she randomly appeared at the top of the stairs!!  I still have no idea where she was the whole time I was looking for her, but was SO HAPPY that she came out and that she was ok!

Sneaky kittie!!

Cats accounted for I was off to meet my friend Josie for dinner.
We decided to check out this place called The Wine Shop.
We started with goat cheese, balsamic and olive oil, and some bread:

I got a half glass of an Italian Pinot Noir.

I had a pesto/chicken/mozzarella/tomato sandwich with side salad:

We may have wandered across the street to Cold Stone after dinner...  I had a coupon and a hankering for some Cake Batter ice cream...  MMMMM.


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