Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dining With the Dogs

Friday I decided I should get in at least a couple mile run before diving into my weekend with Greg's family. I'm planning to do my long run Sunday after everyone leaves, but I didn't want to have a four day gap in between my runs so I got up and got out there.

First, breakfast was a half of whole grain wrap with PB and banana:

Then I headed out the door to do 4 miles in 40:25.

Mile 1- 10:18
Mile 2- 9:46
Mile 3- 10:08
Mile 4- 10:10

I have to admit, this was a labored 4 miles. I was not really feeling it, but I knew it would be good to get it in. I got it done. It didn't feel wonderful, but was glad I got it over with.
We all had some banana bread and fruit for breakfast.

Then we headed out, with the pups in tow, to do a little exploring and grab some lunch.

We ended up eating lunch at Mac's Speedshop because we heard they are pup friendly on their outdoor patio.  Charlotte has a bunch of dog friendly restaurants and came out with a list recently.

I've eaten at Mac's a bunch and tried many different things on the menu.  I decided to try something different so I went with the pork carnitas style tacos this time:

I ended up asking my waitress for a side of lettuce for them since they were low on veg content, but otherwise they were yummy!

After lunch we headed back to the house and then later went for a low-key dinner at the local pub before crashing again.  Those pups wore us all out!


Sana said...

That is a SOLID 4 mile run! You are going to rock your half :)

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