Thursday, September 30, 2010

Soggy Feet and Warm Eats

We really didn't get a whole lot of rain in Charlotte this summer.  We've actually had drought conditions a couple times since I've moved here.  In those times we've been restricted as to how much we can water our lawn, usually once a week or so.  I think this week we've made up for some of the lack of rain, as yesterday was another rainy one.  It rained almost all day long.  I like it after the hot steamy summer we had.  The cool rain actually makes it feel like fall.

The only thing with all the rain is that it kind screws with running plans.  I can't help but let it affect my motivation to get out there.  A few days earlier when I talked to Kelly about a Wednesday night run, it sounded like a fabulous idea.  We were planning to run in Dilworth, which is an area I don't run in much, so I was looking forward to breaking up the monotony of running in my neighborhood and trail runs and of course having great company on a run.

Then the rain happened, and I turned into a whiny wimp about the whole thing.  Suddenly, the idea of driving home and then driving to our run location sounded really time consuming and unappealing. 
I had visions of myself in sweat pants curled up on the couch with Clyde watching trashy TV and it was calling my name.

Kelly called me when we were leaving work to find out what I wanted to do.  I was completely indecisive and she said we needed to decide so she knew whether to head home or straight to meet me to run.  I finally made up my mind that I should run.  I haven't run in the rain the whole time I've trained, including for my last half marathon in June.  I've been thinking that I really should get in a rainy run or two just in case so I'd be prepared in that respect.  Time to stop whining and do it!

I arrived home to let Clyde out and gear up for the run.  I warmed up some of last nights leftover Apple and Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash.  I sprinkled it with extra cinnamon, a drizzle of maple syrup, and a little Justin's Almond butter, and reheated it. 
Dare I say this was better reheated than the first time?  Good pre-run fuel!

I then headed out with my first long sleeve shirt on this year, and a hat to brave the rain.  I met Kelly and our friend Michelle, who also agreed on doing the rainy run, and we headed off for 5 miles.  Up to this point, it had just been kind of misty, but the sky pretty much unloaded as soon as we met up.  Nice.

Things went okay for a while.  I even made the comment that I'd rather run in rainy cool weather than hot hot sunny weather.  Probably about 2/3 through the run, the rain did start to wear on me though.  It was getting harder to avoid big puddles, and my left foot definitely plunged into a big one at one point leaving it completely waterlogged.  My long sleeved tech shirt eventually got soaked and was hanging off of me like a soggy blanket.  It just got less and less comfortable.  I can't even imagine how people run entire marathons in pouring rain.
We finished up all 5 miles, and quickly all parted ways to seek warmth and shelter.

I arrived home and got out of my wet clothes and took one of those wonderfully awesome hot showers, then recreated my earlier fantasy of putting on warm fuzzy sweat pants.

I also wanted something warm to eat.  I really didn't feel like making anything elaborate and kind of wanted soup.  I ended up making quick and easy Ramen noodles with some frozen peas thrown in for the slightest bit of nutrition.

Later I found myself craving something sweet (and warm!)
I made hot cocoa with 1/2 vanilla soy milk, half water and a packet of cocoa.

Then I searched through my freezer and found a half roll of cookie dough and defrosted and baked those.  These were raspberry chocolate pinwheels (I substituted raspberry flavor using jam/extract instead of the peppermint).  I can't even remember when I made the dough, but I was glad to see that I had stashed some in the freezer!

 Had a couple of these babies.  Totally hit the spot.

I don't think I'll be seeking out more rainy cold runs, but I'm glad I got this one in tonight.  Thank you Kelly, for putting up with my whining and going with me on this run :)


Katie Jones said...

Girl, I love reading about your runs and healthy foods. You inspire me to be a healthier person! I have a question re: running, When you are a "runner" does it suck the entire time, just like it does for me (a non-runner, trying to run)? Or do you get to a point in your run that it feels good? Or can you just do a post on the hows and whys?
I would love that!

Runblondie26 said...

Those cookies look delicious and very pretty too.

I enjoy a planned run in the rain too, but your chances of chafing and blisters go way up. It's not so fun when you get caught in a downpour wearing an ipod. I ruined my first one that way :(

Brittney said...

@Katie, sure, I could do a post on that! I love ideas for posts, so thank you. I did a post a while back that was about how I got into running, if you want to check it out:

@Lindsay I purposely didn't use my Garmin last night for fear I'd kill it. I don't have a great track record with electronics either, so I didn't want to take the risk. Those cookies are great- I recommend making them with orange extract & zest too, those are my favorite version. Love orange and chocolate together!

Tina said...

I would be so wary to run in the rain too. It doesn't sound too pleasurable. Good job going for it though!

Kelly said...

Anytime! I have runs where I feel like they just suck the whole time and others where I feel great. I think this is the case for anybody.

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