Sunday, September 26, 2010

Charlotte Oktoberfest

I decided to do my long run Saturday morning.  It was pretty hot when I got home Friday night and didn't want to risk being dehydrated or hungover Sunday from Oktoberfest, so I felt like Saturday morning was the best time to get in my miles. 
After eating a typical pre-run breakfast of sandwich thins with PB and banana:

I tinkered with my IPod playlist and added a few new songs from last week's episode of Glee- Empire State of Mind and Telephone (LOVE THEM!)

Then I headed out with the Garmin and kind of planned a route, but also relied on the Garmin to help me with my mileage.  I really only needed to do another 7 miler this week, but hoped to do at least 7.5, if not 8.  I succeeded in running all 8 miles in 1 hour and 24 minutes!

Mile 1- 10:07
Mile 2- 10:07
Mile 3- 10:00
Mile 4- 10:29
Mile 5- 10:51
Mile 6- 11:20
Mile 7- 11:11
Mile 8- 10:40

On Mile 6 into 7, I walked a bit while eating some Sharkies and drinking my Gatorade/water mix hence the slower times.

Back at the house I downed quite a lot of water and some more Gatorade.  Flattering shot, I know. 
Thanks Greg.

I ended up feeling pretty tired after a shower and laid down for about a half hour after my shower before I got ready to go to Oktoberfest.

Greg and I met up with friends in uptown Charlotte and took a cab to the fest.  We arrived right around start time and had a short wait in line.

I made us pretzel necklaces after being inspired by Webster Wanderings, who went to a Beer Festival in Colorado last weekend, and donned them :)

Here's Kelly and I with our first beer tastes of the day :)  Kelly had the same pretzel necklace idea, but beautified hers with some pretty ribbon woven through the pretzels.  Fancy!

Mmmmm beer.  I mainly chose the Octoberfest choice if there was one at each booth, but also tried some cream ales, IPAs, pale ales, and whatever else I was given.

Sarah and I.

 Jamie, Gibson, and Brad (Kelly's hubby).

I got my beer on for the first couple hours.  Then I wanted FOOD.  Luckily Mac's Speedshop was there.

I got a lil pig (pork BBQ) sandwich and mac and cheese.  Cuz that's what you want when you are full of beer samples ;)

Greg also chose a healthy option.  Funnel cake!

At this point I kind of hit a wall.  It was over 90 degrees out, we were in an open field with the sun beating down on us.  It probably didn't help that I did my 8 mile run that morning either.  Plus, beer is filling, in case you didn't know.  I was hot, tired, and not really feeling like drinking much more.  Luckily, some of the people we were with brought chairs and umbrellas, so we hung out there and got a little rest and relief.

It was fun, but the heat was rough!  Very rough!  They need to have this event about a month later in a shadier spot and it would much improve the experience!  Still, it was great hanging out with my friends, and I had some tasty beer.


Ashley and Nate said...

So glad you made pretzel necklaces. Oktoberfest looked like fun! Sounds like it was really hot out... it's been crazy hot in Denver. I'm ready for fall... and drinking Oktoberfest beers. :)

Joanna said...

gotta love beer!

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