Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Golden Corral

I met some friends for brunch this morning at Bistro La Bon.  It's located in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood in an unassuming strip mall, oddly placed next to a Family Dollar store. 

Inside, it's beautifully done though and you would not know you were in a somewhat sketchy strip mall.

Hello Katie and Stew!

The restaurant has a buffet style brunch with many delicious options. 
As my friend Josie put it, it's no Golden Corral!

Here was my plate.  Well, round one anyway.

I had ham and orzo salad, sweet potato hash, roasted veggies, mozzarella wrapped around pesto, scalloped potatoes, fruit, and a cranberry orange scone.

The restaurant also brought scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast, and chocolate waffles to the table, all of which I sampled.  Everything was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!

I also had this awsome coconut macaroon...

Some of the gang, including Kelly!

I loved that they called the meal, "Adult Smorgasbord"  LOL!

I would say Bistro La Bon's brunch has to rank among the top breakfast/brunches in all of Charlotte.  I was totally impressed and will be back!

I headed out to enjoy the glorious day.

I took a long walk with Clyde.  We actually did this yesterday too because it's been GORGEOUS weather here all weekend- low 60's and sunny :)

We got back and Greg called.  He asked if I'd gotten a package on the front porch, but I said no, there was nothing there!  He got all frustrated and said, "What???  They said they delivered it!?"  I checked again, and then noticed a box on one of our rocking chairs.

Does my husband know me or what??


Oh yes!

I had a couple bites of the coconut one before heading off to yoga.

I had a Mexican inspired dinner.  Yellow rice with sauteed onion, mushrooms, pepper, tomatoes and black beans with chili, cumin, and cilantro.

Topped with plain yogurt and shredded cheddar.  Mmmmmm :)

I just polished off the rest of my coconut cupcake, and I'm ready to relax and enjoy what is left of this day.  The weekend has gone by too quickly once again. 

How was your weekend?


Joanna said...

oh, Greg is so sweet!

Hey, have you ever tried greek yogurt? I put it in a mexican dish today, instead of sour cream, and it was just as good.

Brittney said...

Yup, I like Greek yogurt too, but usually just buy plain regular yogurt, because I honestly don't think it's that different and the regular plain is so much cheaper. I use instead of sour cream on everything too.

Alaina said...

Aw, what a cute thing Greg did! Those cupcakes look delicious. When I was in college, my mom used to send me Sherry's Berry's chocolate covered strawberries every V-Day. My roommates loved me. :-)

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Haaa I used to live riiiight around the corner from that sketchy strip mall. Never been to that restuarant, though.. but I keep hearing amazing things! Glad you and Clyde have been enjoying this weather, we've been spending alot of time outdoors with Happy, too!

Whirly Wife said...

Those are some beautiful cupcakes very nice job Greg:0)

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