Sunday, February 20, 2011

Girls Weekend in Hilton Head Part One

I arrived in Hilton Head around 12:30pm on Saturday, ready to for lunch!  The weather was gorgeous and my mom thought we should go somewhere we could sit outside and bring Clyde.  Even though we've been there before many times, The Boathouse is a great choice for outdoor seating right on the water and delicious food, so we opted to go there.  There was a bit of a wait since everyone on the island seemed to have the same idea as us.  We goofed around on the nearby dock.

How cute is she?

View from the dock....

By the time we got seated and got our lunch it was about 2pm, and I have to admit, I was a tad too famished to remember that I should take a picture of our meal.  My mom and I split a Thai shrimp salad and a cheddar burger with sweet potato fries.  I have been DYING for a good burger for like 2 weeks now, and it was heavenly

After lunch we headed to the beach and took an hour long work.  It was seriously the perfect day: warm, clear, and sunny.  Again, I'm a slacker and left the camera in the car, but if you want to see Hilton Head beach scenery, check out these posts.

I had told my mom that she should plan some things to do that my Dad isn't into since he's away.  She is an adventurous eater, while my dad is not and loves a certain tapas place on the island that my Dad doesn't really like (because the food is a tad adventurous for him), so we opted to head there for dinner. 

We went to Wise Guys.

We decided on some wine flights to start with.  I got the Pinot Noir wine flight and Mom had the "Interesting Reds" flight.  We kind of split them both so we could each try all six wines.  The came out on these awesome wine glass "trees".

The stand-outs were a Row Eleven Pinot Noir and a Super Tuscan.  Mmm.

We got an unpictured salad with tons of gorganzola and the split two "small plates".  We chose the filet mignon stuffed mushrooms and the shrimp and lobster risotto.

(Sorry, the lighting was horrible!)

Everything was great :)  The filet stuffed mushrooms were kind of our second choice, and they were actually awesome.  That's happened to me a lot lately- the food I choose on a whim as an after-thought ends of being my favorite!

Back at the house later we broke into the cupcakes I brought from Cupcrazed.  We split the oreo cheesecake and the strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

Excellent girls weekend :)  Stay tuned for a recap of our trip to Savannah!


YUMMama said...

Glad you and your mom had a great girls' weekend!

Carly said... look a lot like your mom. And those cupcakes sound so yummy right now!

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