Saturday, February 5, 2011

Short Visits

Howdy!  Ahhhh, I love Saturday mornings!  The beginning of the weekend with endless possibilities.  Most of my day today is wide open, so I am just hoping I do some productive things!

My day started with scrambled eggs with lots of dill, a crossaint (which I kind of burned a little) with butta, and some chai.

Clyde licked the plate!

So, the end of my week was nice.  Thursday night Greg came home.  There was lots of doggie snuggling, and also a little human snuggling thrown in.  I feel like Clyde is exponentially more happy when both of us are home.  He seems so content when he can wriggle in between us and alternate kissing each of us. 

Friday I just worked in the morning so that I could run home for lunch with Greg and then drive him to the airport for his afternoon flight back to Houston.  It worked out good, because work was really too busy for me to take the entire day off and I was able to get a bunch of stuff done.  I also didn't miss much face time with Greg, because he slept in til about 11am.  He's on Houston time, so we'll give him a pass ;)

For lunch yesterday, I married two of Greg's favorites:  pizza and veggie burgers! 

I grilled the patties in the grill pan, and topped them with some tomato sauce, sauteed white mushrooms, baby spinach, and fresh mozarrella.  Served on sandwich thins with sides of salad.


Less than 24 hours at home, Greg was headed back to Houston.  Kinda sad, but he doesn't have too much longer in training, so hopefully life will be returning to normal soon!

I did a little shopping after dropping Greg at the airport since I had dinner plans later and time to kill til then.
I scored some new Yoga duds at TJ Maxx.

Cute, huh?

I also got this cute plate at West Elm. 

I like bunny and dachshund stuff to represent my pets!

After my errands, I picked up Lauren for dinner!  She's in Charlotte for a conference and I was excited to meet her!  Lauren is training for her 5th marathon and has run Boston.  She's incredibly fast!
We met two of my friends for dinner at Pisces, a new sushi place near uptown.

I ordered a salad with ginger dressing, and two kinds of sushi- the bagel roll  (salmon and cream cheese), and the crystal veg roll (asparagus, cucumber, avocado, mango, and lettuce in rice paper).

It was all very yummy :)

It was so great to meet Lauren, even if it was a short visit.  I hope to see her again!


Janey said...

MMMmmm. Sushi! Looks like y'all had fun!!

Lauren said...

Thanks again for inviting me out to dinner! I had a lot of fun and it was great to meet you! :) I really enjoyed my stay in your was so hard coming back to the huge piles of snow.

Jen said...

Boo, wish it still was Saturday morning!

Glad you had a good visit w/ Greg and fun w/ Lauren!

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