Monday, February 28, 2011

What Do You Think?

Sunday began with a pretty fruit salad.  With spring in the air it seemed only fitting :)

I also had a slice of PB Banana bread.  I did link the recipe yesterday, but I think sometimes my links are hard to see, sorry, I need to make them another color so they're more visable!  
Click HERE for the PB Banana Bread recipe (sorry Running on Coffee!).

It was another lazy morning at home, but thankfully our doorbell did not ring while I was lounging in pajamas.  I had TIVO'd the controversial Lifetime movie, Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy.  It was your typical Lifetime movie with some pretty cheesy scenes, but I was curious to see their take on things anyway.  Anyone else fascinated by this case like I am?  I think I've seen all the Datelines and other new shows on the case and I can't make up my mind about whether I think she did it/was involved or not.  I kind of lean towards thinking she didn't do it, because I really don't see why she would have.  Arguments over housework and promiscuity hardly are motives for murder.  I also think the physical evidence is extremely weak. Her DNA being on her own sink seems a little far reaching considering it was her own sink.  I'm pretty sure my DNA is likely on every sink in my house!  Also, the Italian justice system not sequestering the jury til deliberations seems very unfair considering the amount of media involved in the case and the influence it would undoubtedly have on jurors...  I tend to believe that Rudy Guede committed the murder himself.  There's a lot in the case that is weird and confusing though, so I don't know for sure...  It's interesting though.  Thoughts?

Lunch was a panini with cheddar, sliced apples, and spinach with a side of yesterday's chips.

Greg kind of gave me a funny look when I suggested this, but he agreed to try and it and liked it.

We took a walk (with Clyde of course) after lunch and I was amazed at how warm it was outside!  It was about 80 degrees... unreal!

We did one of our epic Costco runs in the afternoon.  The take and bake pizzas were on sale, and we couldn't resist the margherita pizza, even though we had a pizza for dinner on Friday.  It just looked so good!

I attempted to watch the Oscars last night but fell asleep about an hour or so into it, missing Natalie Portman's win/speech, and a lot of other parts of the show.  Oh well!  

My Monday is hectic all ready, but I'm hoping that the week calms down a little!


Alaina said...

I love panini's with melted cheese and apples! Best combination :-)

alison said...

I watched that Lifetime special!! The day it came out. I too am facinated!! I think she knows more, but the sentancing seemed too political. Soo interesting.
That and my new fav show on Investigation Discovery. Disappeared. It's like Unsolved Mysteries. That show would creep me out with the music :)

Carly said...

Your posts always make me want to go eat something. :-)

Molly said...

You didn't miss much, the Oscars were pretty boring.

I love apple and cheese together. yum.

YUMMommy said...

Love fruit salads!! And I totally skipped out on watching the Oscars.

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