Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A FoodieFresh Lunch

Today I was lucky enough to have my good buddy Kelly invite me over for lunch.  I often spend lunch sitting at my desk fielding phone calls or emails while trying to get down some food (that's always fun!) or going to the same local eateries near my office over and over, so going to Kelly's is always a special treat! 

She out did herself and made us soup, sandwiches, AND salad! 
Yum!  (recognize Kel's pretty place mats??)

Ok, I'm probably going to mess this up, but the soup was a thick tomato soup, with spices, peppers, and carrots.  She warned me it was a little spicey, but I loved it.  Totally delicious!

Kelly also made panini sandwiches with homemade rosemary hummus with goat cheese in the middle.  This wasn't a combination I would have thought of, but I loved it!  We also had a simple mixed green salad, lightly dressed with homemade dressing. 


And my lovely host, fresh from a workout:

We had a great lunch catching up on life.  I'm so happy for Kelly that she recently got a new job!  It was an awesome mid-day break before I had to go back to the grind! 

What do you usually do for lunch on work days?


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

Aw. I cannot wait to see you girls! When I worked in an office, I always brought my own lunch and ate at my desk. And of course, people would come by asking me questions as I had food in my mouth.

Carly said...

I usually bring a lunch box and I fill it with fruit, yogurt, maybe a sandwich. Stuff that's easy to eat. I don't get too fancy with lunch. Yours looked delicious! I wish someone would make me lunch!

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