Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cowfish Birthday Fun

I think I'm the last one out of the the Charlotte blogger crew to do my recap post on Jen's Birthday dinner at Cowfish last night, so I apologize if you guys have read/seen something similar already on my friends' blogs.  I truly LOVE Cowfish and think there food is interesting, beautiful, and of course tasty, so I HAVE to post about it to show them my love :)

It was a warm night in Charlotte and we were seated on the patio, which was awesome! 

The birthday girl with Caitlin and Kristien.

Kelly, Katie, and Stew.

Diana and Dan

Being outside also meant great lighting for pictures, which has sometimes been challenging for me at Cowfish with their darker interior in past visits.

We started with some appetizers, the ever popular crab rangoon dip and onion rings.

Did I say onion rings?  These were not your ordinary onion rings!  They were THICK and coated with coconut batter.  OMG, they were delicious!

I also ordered a martini after finding out it was $5 martini night.  Um, twist my arm ;)  I chose the Lemon Sensation martini.

Not bad, but of the ones I've tried, I'd say the Parmatini is my favorite!

Kelly stragetic sat next to me because she knows I will always go halvsies with her on food.  After much debate we chose to get two sushi rolls, the Miss Moffitt and the Baked Scallop.

The Baked Scallop was great, but my heart still belongs to the Miss Moffitt roll.  It's so perfect and delicious!

Dinner was followed by cupcakes from Cupcrazed!  The birthday girl got a candle in hers.

It was a wonderful night!  Thank you to Cowfish for having all of us.  We all love coming for the food, atmosphere, and hospitality! 


Anonymous said...

I love Cowfish! I was just there for the first time this past weekend while condo hunting in Charlotte! I'm relocating in 4 weeks. Eeek!!!

Jennifer said...

I've been wanting to try this place. Hubby went for lunch and said it was great!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

I can't believe I haven't tried Cowfish yet. It always looks awesome. Give me those onion rings, NOW! YUM!!!

PS... this is my sad plea to invite me next time you go ;)

Pure2raw Twins said...

Cowfish is a great place, though I have still have only been there once since our last blogger meet-up in December time! Food always looks great!

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