Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Like Your Belly

30 Day Challenge, Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

Who would I like to trade places with for a day?  Ok, I think I'm going to go with anyone who is pregnant right now, since it's become such an overwhelming desire for me as of late.

Here's a little update on what's going on.  We've been through two cycles now and so far no luck.  I KNOW it's still early and actually, cycle one kind of didn't even really count, because I pretty much knew we didn't "hit it" (no pun intended) at the right time, so I didn't really expect anything that month.  

The second cycle was a disappointment for me though.  I did think/hope that we had tried right at the right time on that cycle, since we were right smack in the middle of my cycle when I thought I would have been ovulating.  I also hoped it would work for a few other reasons (besides the obvious wanting a baby):

#1.  I would have loved to be due in November.  We don't have many birthdays in the family around that time, and I would prefer that over December, which is kind of close to Christmas.  Still, if it happens this month and I do end up being due in December, I will totally take it and not complain, just so that's clear!

#2.  Greg's Birthday is today, and I was hoping I might find out I was pregnant just in time to give him a really cool present involving telling him I was pregnant.  No such luck.  Beer, a new head set for work, some shorts, and chocolate it is for his presents this year.

I've gotten into kind of a routine when it comes to each month now.  The first two weeks of my cycle I live relatively normally.  I eat sushi and deli meat, I have a beer if I want one, I drink caffeinated coffee, I do hand stands and back flips (ok, not really), whatever.  Then for the second half of the cycle, I kind of have kid gloves on.  I go back and forth about whether to eat/drink certain things, I get all paranoid about moving too much, I stop doing hand stands...  Just in case, til I know for sure if I'm pregnant or not.  I also analyze EVERY "symptom" to death.  This past cycle I broke out a little, which is unusual for me, so I thought "Oh!  Maybe I'm pregnant!".  That sort of thing kept happening to me- things that seemed unusual kept giving me hope.  I think that's just how it's going to be from now on.  I definitely drive myself a little nuts in those two weeks in between ovulation and knowing.  It's hard not to!  I really don't know how people do this for years, and I pray I don't have to, because it makes you a little crazy!

So, that's the latest on that front.  No baby or evidence of a baby yet.  This month I'm going to try the Ovulation Predictor Kit, since I haven't exactly pinpointed for sure when I ovulate and the window I'm working with is probably a little bigger than it should be since online calculators give you about a week long window.  I'm hoping knowing when I actually ovulate will help, but I also fear that it may be futile as there's a good chance I will get a reading that I'm ovulating when my husband is flying in distant lands.  Anyway, we'll keep trying!!  

If anyone currently or formerly pregnant has any advice, I'm all ears :)


Jennifer said...

Hang in there! It will happen when the timing is right. I know that isn't what you want to hear, but it will. ;)

YUMMommy said...

Well, I would gladly take my baby bump off and give it to you for a day if I could. LOL. As far as advice, I'd say that first time seems to be the hardest. It was three years before my husband and I had our first and here I am two years later getting ready to have baby number 2. So, don't stress how long it takes.

Also, I'd say just relax. The more relaxed and positive you are the more good baby making hormones your body will release. Just stay hopeful and let nature run its course. I know that as humans we like to control everything but this is just one of the things that will happen when your body is ready for it to happen.

alison said...

Ok, you know where I am in my whole baby journey...and I know people that have had to wait years for thier number to be called at the baby deli. This will not be you! The docs always say you have to give it 6 months before you worry.
Try not to stress it, I know it's hard, but you can't beat yourself up every month. This will happen :) I just know it.

Runblondie26 said...

Third times the charm :) I hope this us your month. The OPK's are very helpful. Temping always seemed like to much work, and there were too many variables that could cause temp shifts.

Joanna said...

my best advice...relax. I know it is SO hard to do! But, that is really what you need to do.

Yes, you will obsess with that 2ww, but we all do. As a side, I have NO symptoms with Ben. The cycle before, I had ALL the symptoms in the world but for a BFN.

As far as ovulating, I am sure you have read up on what your body does as signs. Before CC I could kind of tell, and now my body screams at me when I am O'ing...I think it is someone's way to give me birth control :)

If you can't really tell, just do it ALL.THE.TIME...enjoy it! Love it! Don't make it a chore. It will happen :)

Oh, as another side, with Ben we actually conceived at like CD 10 or something. I swore it wouldn't happen that cycle since Steve was flying around CD 14, but sure enough things worked out. That whole 14 days before the start of your period is just a guideline...you may be totally different.

Gosh, I just wrote a book it seems...

sarah (SHU) said...

ohhh brittney, i'm on my 2 week wait right now and analyzing EVERYTHING! i also know i am going to be crushed if it's negative. arghgh. hopefully you and i will still have 2011 babies!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, ovulation kits are very helpful. Try your best to relax and realize that most people really do go through this. It is hard especially when you feel like everyone in the world is getting pregnant around you :)

RunningOnCoffee said...

That would have been cool to tell your hubby on his bday...maybe you can surprised him for Father's Day?? :)

No babies here yet, but I have friends who got pregnant the second they and their husbands agreed to start trying...and friends who are now pregnant after trying for 2 years. Your husband's flying schedule must make it a little tricky. Good luck to you guys!

Toni said...

Hey there! First time visitor and commenter!

Just wanted to say that a friend of mine was in your situation - the stress actually made it worse! Eventually when she started spending more time on other things she got pregnant! With TWINS no less!! :)

Best of luck to you! :D

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Has the cloud of baby dust I sent your way not arrived yet? Hmm... I'll check with UPS about that!

I think you're doing great! I was going to say you should get an OPK- I have heard amazing results from people that use them. Keep your chin up and it will happen- no stressing! :)

Katie H said...

Aw- I can't wait for you to get pregnant. :)

My advice- do it a lot! ;) Like once, twice a day. hahaha. Though it was probably easier for Brian and I to abide to that sort of schedule because 1) we hadn't seen each other for seven months and 2) he was only here for 15 days! And of course, try not to stress about it, though I'm sure it's hard not to.

My doctor told me the sperm can live for up to a week! I thought it was 72 hours so I was a wee bit shocked.

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Aw, i've had quite a few family members have trouble concieving. The women in my family are all pretty "little," so I've heard countless number of stories of how hard the wait, and not knowing... can be. It will happen for you!!! Heck, my mom had me when she was 40!!! I am sending lots of good baby vibes your way :)

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