Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Me

30 Day Challenge, Day 09 - A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

I thought about this one a bunch, and I think I know the answer.  It's me.

Is it weird if I say myself?  While I feel like I have an awesome network of friends and a great family, I think I have gotten myself through the biggest struggles I've gone through in my life.  

The reason is because I was brought up to be very independent.  My parents both worked (my mom was home with me when I was very little, but went back to work around the time I started school).  They never hesitated to send me to sleep away camps, sleepovers, and got my brother and I used to doing our own thing and fending for ourselves all through growing up.  I feel like I learned to be a really independent person and therefore, I am who got myself through the most.

I started college two hours away from home in NH and then halfway through college, my parents moved to SC and I transferred to Ohio State all by myself, about 11 hours drive from them and my New England friends and family.  

I lived in Virginia by myself and made the decision to become a cop and go through the police academy by myself.  I also got through the painful decision to change jobs and not be a cop anymore myself too.

I muddled through a life-changing move to Charlotte, largely by myself.  I made new friends, became a running addict, and adapted to my new job and surroundings in Charlotte. 

While I often leaned on friends, family, and Greg, I feel like mostly I did it on my own.  I've just kind of had to do it myself with a pilot husband who is gone all the time, many friends and family members who are far away, and a lot of time by myself.  It was up to me to be social, run, stay positive, and keep myself going.  I took charge of my own happiness and got through it.  I'm proud of the life I've created for myself here and I think it wouldn't be what it is if I hadn't worked hard to make it this way.


alison said...

This is brilliant! I love it :) We are the captain of our own ship after all.

Kristina @ spabettie said...

Brittany, I love this post!!

I am the very same way - even in high school, I flew by myself to visit colleges I wanted to attend. I bought my first house by myself while I was in college, I have basically taken care of business in every manner, with friends support sometimes more than family!!

I think that is why I have taken so many "risks" in life, because I have been independent from early on and I think that brings a certain level of confidence.

that second photo - SO cute!!

have a great weekend, and pet Clyde for me (and Basil...) XO

Nobel4Lit said...

A great example of what we psychologists call "internal locus of control." Go grab your fate by the horns! I tend to be like this, too, though I wish I'd believe I have control of my life more than I do.

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