Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some Things I Love.

Haha, I loved all your comments on the things I hate.  Sounds like my list is pretty universal ;)

I drafted Day 12 of the 30 Day Challenge yesterday, but didn't get a chance to finish.  I had a fun birthday/blogger dinner to get to after work, that you will be seeing soon. 

So here is is Day 12 - A picture of something you love.  This is a lot easier for me, because as I said in the last post, I think hate is a strong word, it's much easier to mention things I love.  Since doing a list was so fun in that last post, I will do it again.  I could go on for much longer about things I love, but in the interest of time, here's five things :)

Spring!  It's my favorite season.  I love all the fresh green everywhere, the flowers blooming, the rising temperatures, driving around with my sunroof open, and my birthday is in the spring.  This season is awesome, I love it!

Puppy love.  Last night my dog was in my lap curled up.  He woke up, climbed up my body, and literally hugged me, by putting his paws around my neck and he also gave me some kisses.  Heart swells :)

Finishing a race.  Is there anything else like that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a race?  I think not.  Love it!

Cake.  My mom and I have this quote we like to use in reference to cake, "There's no bad cake".  Seriously, most cake is awesome!  My wedding cake was out of control good.  Chocolate, almond, raspberry.  YUM.

Popcorn.  I LOVE popcorn!  Also, I'm a purist.  I just like it with butter and salt.  No crazy toppings!

Ok, I need to get ready for work!  Happy hump day!


Carly said...

I pretty much love all those things too. I'm still waiting for spring to hit in ME (it snowed yesterday, go figure).

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