Monday, March 14, 2011

Day and Night

It may appear as if I missed the 4th day of the 30 Day Challenge, but actually, I had to wait to post because it calls for a picture of your night ;)  I'm actually going to give you pictures from my whole day, including the night.  Bonus!

It was a seriously glorious spring day here in Charlotte yesterday.  Temps were in the mid 70's and it felt fantastic.

I started the day with a green monster.  This was ice, banana, some Stoneyfield pomegranate yogurt, chia seeds, vanilla whey protein, almond milk, Pom juice, spinach, and chia seeds.

Clyde and I had a date with Kelly and Rascal late morning to go for a walk in the Dilworth neighborhood of Charlotte.

Clyde and Rascal = BFF's...


We winded around then went to a nearby Starbucks with outdoor seating to grab some coffee (well, tea for Kelly) and chat.
The dogs managed to wind their leashes a couple times, but we straightened them out.

I had my usual, the Skinny Vanilla Latte, and also enjoyed some snacks Kelly picked up for us.  A Raw bar and some dried apples.

Post walk, I headed home and made a salad with random stuff I had in my veggie drawer.  I decided to go Asian-style and threw in:

green leaf lettuce
orange slices
black sesame seeds
roasted red pepper

I made a dressing with about a tablepsoon of PB, splashes each of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and a squeeze of orange.

I ate outside on the deck to enjoy the warm sunshine.

After lunch, my outdoor adventures continued in our unruly flower bed.

Kinda looks the same, but I pulled a ton of dead brush, leaves, and weeds out, and also pruned our butterfly bushes.

I actually need to go grocery shopping for produce, but I was feeling lazy, so dinner consisted of sweet pepper tomato sauce and pasta.  I chopped half an onion, the last of my yellow and orange sweet peppers, and some roasted red pepper.

Into the pan with some grapeseed oil to soften, then added garlic, basil, oregano, a little chili pepper and a can of diced tomato.
Salt and pepper to taste.

Over pasta with some fresh shredded parm.

It was actually really delicious :)  Not bad at all for a last ditch throw together dinner.

Greg's birthday is Tuesday and I've devised a plan to make him an assortment of cake balls instead of the traditional cake.  Last night I started by baking this chocolate cake, letting it cool, then mixing it with a can of white vanilla frosting.

I divided the mixture into smaller portions and added caramel sauce and Heath Bar pieces to one portion, thawed frozen raspberries to another, coconut to some (those will be for me, since Greg doesn't like coconut), peanut butter to another, and then some Nutella to the last portion.  Tonight I'm going to form the balls and dip them in chocolate.  I'll show you the results when they are done.  This is my first attempt at cake balls, so I hope they come out good!

The other thing I did last night was watch a marathon of Sister Wives on TLC. 

Have you guys seen this show?  I'm fascinated and can't decide what I think!  I mean, obviously I think the idea of multiple wives is weird, and it would not be ok with me, but I kind of don't care if that's what they want to do and they're all into it...  LOL!

The time change definitely threw me off last night.  I found myself still milling around at 10:30pm and that's pretty late for me on a "school night".  The lack of sleep is hitting me already this morning.  Off to find coffee I go!


Alaina said...

That pasta does look delicious!

Can't wait to see how the cake pops turn out!

Carly said...

1. Love the guy posing in the background of the picture of your friend with her dog. Hahaha.

2. I've watched Sister Wives. I felt the same way about it. I had to watch it, but I just didn't understand it.

3. Cake balls! So good! Can't wait to see how yours turn out.

Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle said...

I attempted cake balls and it was a fail...make sure you freeze the balls before dipping them in chocolate, otherwise the balls won't maintain their shape and you may have chunks of cake falling into the melted chocolate!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

so fun - I have always wanted to make cake balls - all of your flavors sound tasty!!

how cute you all must have looked, two girls + their Long Dogs... :) Basil wishes he could come play with Clyde and Rascal !!

Alison said...

Clyde is too cute! Can't wait to meet him :) I've never seen that sister wives show, sounds weird to me, but if they're happy who am I to judge.

Sana said...

I am also fascinated my the sister wives. idk I would get jealous, I am needy!!!

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