Monday, February 7, 2011

Running Group Reunion

Wow, the weekend flew by as usual!

I had a lazy Saturday morning, but after lunch, I laced up the sneaks and went for a 3.5 mile run.

I had been waiting for it to warm up since it was a cold wet morning, but once I got out there I realized I was actually kind of overdressed in my long sleeved shirt, fleece, and hat.  Since I was going for a short run, I just sucked it up and stayed warm in my gear.

Later I got ready for a night out with friends.  My old running group crew got together and met at Bonterra for drinks, which actually became dinner #1 since we all started ordering appetizers.

This was my first time at Bonterra.  It's a restaurant that was converted from a church.  I actually would not have noticed it was a restaurant if it didn't have a sign out front!

(pic from Bonterra website)

Josie and I went drove together and were the first to arrive.  I had a glass of wine, which was a Malbec.  I love Argentinian Malbecs and seem to order them whereever I go lately!

While we waited on our friends to arrive, I took in the scenery.

Soon they arrived and a smorgasborg of apps were ordered.  We had hummus, meat and cheese, some kind of chicken dip, and bread.

Kelly and I.

Brad and Gibson

It came up that Kelly and I had never tried capers other than the little ones that you seen in a lot of pasta dishes.  Chloe ordered us some and here's Kelly trying hers.  It's like an olive with little crunchy bits inside.  I liked it since I'm a fan of olives. 

After much food and wine was consumed it was time to head out to our "dinner" destination up the street.  First I got a shot of Kelly with the biggest wine bottles ever!

For dinner we headed to The Liberty, which has kind of become this group's go to spot when we get together.  The food is always good and they change up their menu seasonally, so there's always new things to try.

We had a couple orders of fries to start with, and then ordered food. 

 I just had a fried green tomato BLT salad, since I was not that hungry after all the food we'd eaten at Bonterra.  It was yummy!  Mostly it was just great to get our old gang together.  None of us regularly go to the running group anymore, so it's a much more concerted effort to get us together these days! 


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