Monday, April 11, 2011

Chillin and Grillin

Whoa, the weekend went by fast, didn't it?!

Did anyone else experience the crazy storm we got in Charlotte Saturday night? Check out some of the pictures of hail I took (from the safety of inside my house!):

Looks like snow!

Crazy!  Right?  This might be the biggest hail I've ever seen.  I was happy to have my car in the garage!

Saturday night I actually had plans to see a movie with my friend Kerrie, but we canceled when the hail and tornado warnings started coming in.  I think Clyde would have cried if I'd left him too, he was pretty much glued to my lap all night. 

Anyway, we survived the storm, and Sunday morning I woke up in the mood for some eggs and potatoes.
I made a batch of scrambled eggs, and also some homemade home fries.  

Here's my trick for homemade home fries.  I take a potato or two, stab them to let the steam out and microwave them for about 2-3 minutes.  Once out, I cut them up and saute them in a pan with a little olive oil or butter and season with salt, pepper, and usually a little paprika or rosemary.  The cook up pretty fast that way, which is great, because I'm an impatient person ;)

I also had some of the previous day's coffee over ice for a nice cool glass of iced coffee.  Perfect breakfast :)

Later in the afternoon, Kerrie and I decided to see the movie we had canceled seeing the night before.  We saw The Lincoln Lawyer.

I really liked it!  There was a bunch of twists and it had me on the edge of my seat and I thought Matthew McConaughey was great in it.  This is my kind of Matthew McConaughey movie- I like the ones he's a lawyer in, like A Time to Kill, and stuff like that more then the goofy ones, although, he's good in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days too!  I have a friend that read the book and she said the book is really good, so I kind of wish I'd read the book first.  Usually, when I read the book first that makes me like the movie less though, so I guess it's okay that I didn't this time.

After the movie, I headed home and walked Clyde, who had gotten kind of antsy in the few hours I was gone.  The walk seemed to calm him down.  Then had to figure out what to make for dinner.  I looked through the fridge and realized I had this guy in there:

It's a Listada De Gandia eggplant!  Pretty huh?  I googled for a while looking for a recipe for this particular eggplant, but mostly found the standard eggplant recipes.  I found a couple recipes that looked good, but would take too long (I was starving!), so I opted to grill some of it with some zucchini and red pepper.

Grilled veggies are probably my favorite summer food.  So glad to have them back :)

I threw them in a Flat Out wrap with some spinach and goat cheese.

With a side of cottage cheese for extra protein.

Good stuff!

This week is kicking off a couple weeks that are going to be off the charts busy!  
Eeeeek.  Hope I survive it all!


Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

The hail was insane! I was home alone with the kids, and they were terrified!

Heather Iacobacci-Miller said...

That wrap looks great. YUM. Yikes on that hail. We had a hail storm a couple of weekends ago too. Glad there was no major damage.

Stephanie @ The Cookie Battle said...

I LOVED matthew mcconaughey in A Time to Kill (also a really fantastic book). I hardly ever see the movies of books I've read though...I haven't read The Lincoln Lawyer so I want to see this movie really badly!

That wrap looks delicious!

Amber said...

I hate cooking but that wrap looks really good and easy! I just hope someone gets my pilot and I the grill pan we registered for! :)

Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

We were in Charlotte at Mellow Mushroom during those crazy storm! Nuts!

Love the veggie and goat cheese wrap- mm!

Ashley said...

That wrap does look great! Grilled veggies are awesome. There are finally some yummy veggies in the grocery store... I might have to try and make a wrap like that sometime. yum!

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