Saturday, April 9, 2011

Events I Attended This Weekend

I had the pleasure of attending two fun events this weekend! 

The first event I went to was a birthday dinner on Friday night at The Liberty for Kelly's husband Brad.

We had a big group of us that took up this long table.

I sat next to Kelly, who was looking adorable as usual, dressed up for the occasion.

I was actually excited to go to The Liberty all day so that I could order the beer flight that I love so much.

Mmmm, beer flight :)

For my dinner, I order the goat cheese and beet salad and the farro rissotto.

Hello, goat cheese nugget, you don't stand a chance!

I've really come to like roasted beets, especially the golden beets, which were plentiful in my salad. 
The farro rissotto was also really tasty and included lots of veggies.  I've heard a lot about farro lately, was really interested to try it.  It kind of reminded me of steel cuts oats or barley, sort of chewy in texture.  Very tasty!

I always love my meals at The Liberty, and there's always something new to try since they change their menu regularly.

The second event I attended was a Baby Shower Brunch this morning for Cindi. 

Cindi's friend Sabrina hosted, and put out quite the brunch spread.

Breakfast casserole, veggies and dip, cheese, meats...

Bagels, coffee cake and an array of spreads.

Plus a super cute display of cupcakes.

It's kind of hard to tell, but the cupcakes were designed to look like rattles with toothpick/gum drop handles.  So cute :)

I also enjoyed a mimosa.

Cindi got some super cute things for gifts.  She warned us ahead of time to get ready to hear the word, "CUTE" excessively.

I had fun and didn't feel any pain in being around Cindi or the other two pregnant women there, just hopeful that soon it will be me entering this phase.  :)


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