Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi guys!  I was feeling a need to be a little bit more unplugged the last few days.  I just kind of needed a break!  Friday night I stayed in and snuggled Clyde and watched Love In The Time Of Cholera.  I read the book a loooooooooooong time ago in high school and honestly didn't really remember the story.  I actually liked the movie and recommend it if you're in the mood for something different.  There's a bunch of famous people in it- Benjamin Bratt, Javier Bardem, John Leguizamo... 

Yesterday I got my haircut and then had round two of "Michelle gets acclimated with Clyde".  My friend Michelle is staying with Clyde in a couple weeks when I go to NY for a wedding, so we're trying to get them used to each other.  We took a walk and got coffee and then I gave her the house tour and told her all about Clyde's quirks, such as that he likes to have a raw hide for about 15 minutes before he goes to bed at night, and likes a drink of water after the rawhide.  I think they'll have fun together.

We went for sushi for dinner and then met some friends for ice cream before calling it a night.  I was actually in bed by 10pm last night.  I know, a wild Saturday night, right?

Ok, so since I haven't posted in a couple days, I'm way behind in the 30 Day Challenge.  Again, I appear to failing the challenge!  Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget.  I think this one is not as simple as it appears, because I firmly believe that everything you go through is part of who you are, good or bad.  Things that come to mind are the death of my grandma, September 11th, seeing Greg go through getting furloughed, the death of my rabbit, Butter.

Since I've talked about the others on the blog before, I'll tell the story of Butter.  Growing up the only pets I ever had were fish.  My parents aren't big animal people and I was never allowed to get a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, or any furry friends, even though I desperately wanted some.  By the time I was a sophomore in college, I decided I would get a rabbit.  I went to a feed store in New Hampshire where they rabbits and picked out Butter. 

She was the only one in the bin with her coloring and once I picked her up, I did not want to put her down.  She was a Dutch rabbit, and I loved her.  She was affectionate and would lick your hand like a cat.  She loved to be snuggled and was always so cute.  I took her with me to Ohio when I transferred schools, she came with me to the DC area when I moved there, and lived with Greg and I when we moved in together.  We went through a lot together.

Greg worried she was lonely, and one day I came home to a SECOND bunny that Greg had gone out and gotten without my knowledge, to keep Butter company. 

Butter and Oreo loved each other and got along really well.  They were always huddled together snuggled up.  They were an adorable pair.

Eventually, after about 9 years, Butter got a respiratory condition.  We literally paid thousands of dollars in vet bills getting her treated, admistered IV's to her (the vet showed us how), and I remember sitting in a bathroom with a humidifier trying to help her breathe.  We probably should have put her to sleep sooner than we did, but I had never lost a pet before, and couldn't bear the thought.  I was willing to try anything to save her.  Finally, one night, she was not doing well.  I rushed her to the vet and they gave me the options.  It was time to face the fact that I needed to let go.  Greg was on a trip and I couldn't reach him.  I was alone at the vet when they put her to sleep and I just remember bawling as I pet her soft fur and let go.  I guess that is one of the memories I wish I could forget, because it was just so tough to decide to let go and be there alone when she died.  I was able to reach my friend Melanie and she stayed on the phone with me while I cried for a while. 

I think losing a pet is a really awful thing.  They are just all love.  I've lost a few more rabbits since Butter died, and none of them hit me quite as hard, but they were all awful just the same.


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