Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday I'm In Love

Hey all!  I heard this song (Friday I'm in Love, by The Cure) on the drive from Hoboken to Albany and found it fitting, since I was going to a Friday night wedding :)

I got in to Albany area around 1:30pm on Friday, just in time to check in, unwind a little, and then get ready for the wedding I was going to at 4pm.  My friend Lisa was the bride.  She and I were friends when I lived up in VA/DC.  I actually met her through her twin sister, Anne, who was my neighbor in the first house Greg and I lived in together.

Me, Greg, Anne, Lisa back in the day.

A night out in Alexandria, VA.  My friend Kim, Lisa, and I.

Anyway, we used to hang out A LOT when we both lived in Northern Virginia, but she's since moved back to upstate NY where she's originally from, and as we all know, I know live in the south, it's been very hard to visit each other.  I was happy to get to come to Lisa's wedding, despite being dateless, since Greg is across the country on a trip in LA.

Here's a shot of me before I left my hotel room. 

The ceremony was Catholic, and I'm actually not religious so that's always awkward for me, but it went fine, and I just kind of play along when all the prayers are read and the songs are sung.
About an hour and fifteen minutes later, they were hitched!

The reception was held at a place called The Glen Sanders Mansion, in Scotia, NY.  A lovely cocktail hour was held overlooking the river. 

I had a glass of cabernet and a glass of champagne I was handed on my way in.  I guess that's one advantage of not being knocked up yet.  Double fisting, why not?

I also went up to the buffet and grabbed some apps.

I also snagged a few of the passed appetizers like this one, a yellow tomato gazpacho soup with shrimp.

Another disadvantage of being dateless?  I hardly knew ANYONE and sat alone for much of the cocktail hour til a couple of Lisa's Norwegian relatives came over to chat with me.  :)  I also found Craig, Anne's husband, and my former neighbor and we talked and caught up for a bit.

Eventually it was time to head in to the reception room

The bride and groom were introduced...

And had their first dance to Train's "Marry Me".  So sweet :)

Anne gave a speech while her son, Danny, hung out with the wedding party.

We had salad.

Then I had the ricotta gnocchi.

I got to see and talk to Anne for a while.

Then the bride!

I ate cake!

I got some funny shots of my former neighbor, Craig, dancing with his two little boys.

Haha, so cute!  It was a great wedding and I'm so happy to see Lisa married and in love.  Her husband seems like a great guy.  I wish them the best!


Carly said...

Ahhh...I love weddings! Looks like you had a nice time!

Katie H said...

Oh the cocktail hour room was so pretty! I would have felt SO awkward without a date if I didn't know anyone. That's when the wine comes in handy :)

Ricotta gnocchi?! I DEF would have ordered that. Cheese and carbs- my two fave things!

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