Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Fun

Caitlin sent me a very funny Evite the other day for a Royal Wedding Viewing party scheduled for 5:30am.  I decided that sleep is overrated and got my butt up at the wee hour of 4:20am to get ready for work and head over to her house to join in the festivities. 

I have been somewhat withdrawn from all the hype surrounding the wedding, just hearing/seeing glimpses of things about the wedding but not watching every interview or special about it.  I didn't really succomb to all the build up, but I'm SO GLAD I went to watch the wedding with my friends.  It was so moving and special to see this event, not to mention historic!  My mom still talks about watching Diana's wedding with me when I was just a toddler (which I don't remember).

Caitlin got really into the event and had English breakfast tea and an array of scones among the refreshment choices.

It really took my breath away to watch the wedding.  This pretty much sums up all our reaction's to Kate getting out of the car:

Here's some of my favorite images.

I LOVED Kate's dress!  I loved the church, the ceremony, the procession of everyone, the fashion, the tradition, the non-tradition, everything.  It just made me smile!

A royal wave to everyone!


Molly said...

I got up to watch the wedding too, I'm slightly obessed about the whole thing : )

The Friendly Skies said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. I was up watching in my room on an overnight in NY. I had tea to celebrate as well! :)

I think I was a little more into it since I am currently planning my own wedding... the excitement spreads.

Monique said...

hahaha that's awesome and cute! I have zero motivation to ever wake up that early :) but I did love her dress too. I may have googled it later that night....!

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