Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fish And Lens

Wow, I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.  This week has been busy and kind of rough.  I woke up at about 4am and drove from Charlotte to Raleigh and back for work today, and I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!  I just had a smoothie for dinner, because I was too lazy to cook anything and dehydrated from being in the car all day. 

Last night was far more exciting than tonight because it was my birthday date night with Greg!   He's not going to be here this weekend for my actual birthday, so we celebrated together early.

Hi, I'm Brittney and I like to do awkward things with my hands.  I swear I have fingers...

We headed to a restaurant called The Fish Market for my birthday dinner.

The inside is kind of sea oriented and nautical...  but in a tasteful way.

I ordered my usual, a nice Malbec.

We were served fresh warm bread with pesto and garlic in oil to dip in.  My hubby pretty much single handedly dominated the garlic portion.  He loves him some garlic.

For dinner, I ordered:
ISLAND GRILLED MAHI MAHI With coconut jasmine rice, snap peas, pineapple coulis and mango salsa.

The fish was perfectly cooked and I loved the coconut rice and mango salsa accompaniments.  I've actually had Mahi Mahi at The Fish Market before, so I knew it was good, but last time I had it prepared slightly differently- in blood orange sauce.  Both options were delicious.

Greg went with a flat bread and salad for dinner.  I always say if there's anything resembling pizza on a menu, it's a sure thing Greg will order that.  I know him so well...

Dinner was wonderful, and the fun didn't end there.  My husband is great with presents, and this birthday was no exception.  He got me a new camera lens, and I didn't even ask for one!  He did the research all by himself and concluded I should have this lens.

It's called a lens baby.

Check out how it has a pivoting/angly lens...

I have to admit, my first reaction was not complete excitement.  I'm pretty intimidated by this lens.  I have thought before about wanting a new lens and written off the idea when I decided I probably needed how to learn more about photography and how to use my standard lens better before I got overly ambitious and started learning a whole new lens.  I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to take great pictures with the new lens or not.  I will try though!

Supposedly the coolest thing about this lens is it's ability to take very sharp pictures of one object while blurring everything else surrounding it.  Kind of like aperature priority setting, only better.  I like the idea of this and hope I can take some great shots with it!


Ashley said...

I just ate dinner, but your food pics made me want some grilled fish! (: Looks like you had a nice bday dinner.

That lens is awesome, you should check out this blog post by a photographer I know. She shares a lot of really cool images that you can get with a tilt-shift lens! I can't wait to see what you produce. (:

Grass Skirt said...

I love the Fish Market! Happy early birthday! :)

Katie H said...

Happy (early) birthday! You look beautiful- love the dress!

Jen said...

happy birthday one day early! so glad that you could celebrate with greg before he takes off again. it was so nice to FINALLY meet him on tuesday! glad we got to sit across from you guys and catch up! really want to take you up on that cupcake date sometime... :)

the lens looks really cool and different! keep us posted as you figure out how to use it!

YUMMommy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

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