Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun With My Husband

Greg got home Thursday and I was excited to finally have a little time with him since I was away in Chicago last weekend and it had eaten into our time off together. He got in Thursday and I got him at the airport. We would have been fine with staying in, but my friends called and wanted us to come to South Park for this Frank Sinatra piano tribute thing they were having at some restaurant and drinks. We figured we'd go since it was a "couple" type event. Tim and Sarah and Gibson and Chloe were going and this was the first time the six of us have done anything all together as couples.   Greg and I ate a quick dinner before since we figured it was just drinks.  I made us some veggie burgers topped with spinach and cheese with a couple carrot sticks and a little cottage cheese.

The weather was kind of iffy on the drive over and Gibson called me to let me know the event was cancelled, since it was scheduled to be outside on a patio. We quickly regrouped and made a new plan to go to Bricktops down the road.  There was a wait for a table but we decided to get one because Tim, Gibson, and Chloe wanted to order dinner.  While waiting we sat at the bar and I got a glass of Malbec.  Everyone else had martini's which was the special, but I didn't notice this til after I got my wine- doh!  Oh well, it was a good Malbec ;)
Once at our table, Greg and I assessed how hungry we were since we'd kind of already eaten.  He was still kind of hungry and ordered a flatbread, and I just had a house side salad (I didn't take pictures!). 
We actually got dessert, which was this chocolate chip cookie in a little iron skillet with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.  It got passed around the table and I had a couple bites.  MMMMM.  I love the idea of a cookie cooked in a skillet :)

Friday after work, I headed home and Greg and finally made a trip to the grocery store for some essentials.  I used a lot of coupons from The Healthy Living Summit on this trip, getting some sandwich thins, yogurt, feta, etc...  :)  I also stocked up on veggies and fruit since our drawer was kind of empty. 
I made us greek salad and sort of a pizza bread for dinner.

Green leaf lettuce
roasted red pepper
black olives
diced up artichoke heart
sliced mushrooms
black pepper
drizzled with red wine vinegrette, EVOO, and lemon juice.

Pizza bread:
whole grain bread (bakery) sliced
melted butter and garlic
cooked green pepper
tomato (I used can since I have some open)
topped with mozzarella
Baked in toaster oven on about 400 for about 10 min.

All together

We ate in a rush so we could get out and KAYAK for the first time in a long time!  By the time we got to the Catawba it was already like 7:30pm! 

Greg prepping the kayaks.
Pretty gorgeous night...

We actually took Clyde out with us, and this was his first time on in the kayaks.  He was funny!  Very curious about what the heck was going on!

It was a little hard to paddle with Clyde in the kayak, but tolerable.  We put our kayaks next to each other so Clyde could hop in and ride with Greg for half the trip.

Kayaking was followed up by an impromtu trip to the nearest DQ.  My mom and I like the vanilla cones with cherry dip once in a blue moon.  It's very artificial and waxy.  I do realize I'm probably totally polluting my body with red dye number 9 or something, but once a year or so, it has to be done...
Greg had a turtle sundae.

Clyde had a bite.

Then we called it a night!


Florida Food Snob said...

How Cute! You took the pup on the boat with you! :-)

Anonymous said...

oh my GOSH... we had a place back home that used to do those chocolate chip cookies in an iron skillet things. mmmmm. topped with ice cream. hot out of the oven. good lawd.

Joanna said...

love love love the dip cones! I was addicted to them when pregnant with our first

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