Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Introspective Day

Today I got up and decided to have an egg sandwich for breakfast.  I cooked two eggs with dill and then topped them with a slice of muenster cheese on a sandwich thin.  I also had a banana with some Justin's Maple Almond Butter.  This was my first time trying this and OMG, I know understand what all the hype about Justin's butters is about!  So YUMMY!

I headed out to the greenway to meet Emily, Michelle, and Diana for a run.  Emily did about 12 miles because she's training for a marathon, half of which was with Michelle.  Diana and I just met them for the last couple miles.  Diana is just getting into her running grove, but I applaud her effort in getting out there and doing it!  I didn't really feel any pressure to run long distance today since I'm still coming back from my injury and just ran about 4 miles yesterday, so any distance was fine me with me today. 

Post run sweatiness...

After our run, Diana and I decided to grab some lunch at Panera. 
I am sometimes a creature of habit at certain restaurants and Panera is one place where I LOVE to get the greek salad, because it's so friggin good, so I rarely branch out. 
Got this with the whole grain baggette on the side and some water.
Nom nom...
Do you order the same thing at certain restaurants or mix it up?

I then headed home, showered, finished Eat Love Pray and decided to do something I've never done before in my 32 years on earth.  I WENT TO THE MOVIES BY MYSELF!
I know, I know, I'm weird.  I just like going to the movies as a social activity and never really felt a strong urge to go alone.  But if there was any movie to see alone, I felt like this was it.  The story is largely about one woman's journey alone to find herself.
Have you ever been to a movie by yourself?

I liked both the book and movie.  The movie definitely was a little different from the book, but I felt that the overall message translated.  Both left me a very introspective mood for the rest of today.  Between yesterday's fight/talk with my husband, conversation with Diana at lunch, and the overall theme of the book and movie, it really had me thinking a lot about life and what I want in life.
I don't know that I've completely answered that question.  I think I'm still kind of a work in progress.

I took Clyde for a long walk, still thinking a lot, then went home and made myself dinner.

I had yellow rice with black beans, garlic, onion, tomato, mushrooms, salsa, cilantro, olives, avocado and a bit of plain non-fat yogurt.

I got kind of artsy with the presentation...  :)

I may not have my life all figured out yet, but I'm pretty happy in general.


Joanna said...

funny you ask if I have ever been to the movies by myself...when I lived in Slovakia I saw most every decent movie that came into town. One time I went to see "me, myself, and I" and the ad said it had subtitles, so at least I could get some native English. Well it was, in fact, CZECH! I tried my darnedest to learn Slovak, but Czech was that little bit different that I really didn't understand anything. That was a waste of 2 hours and 30 crowns!

Diana said...

Thanks for running and having lunch with me today! I had a great time! Sorry I couldn't catch the movie with you, but I ended up getting kind of busy once I got home w/ house stuff...ugh!

Love your dinner presentation! So pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

I have been to one movie alone in my life: The Da Vinci Code. I loved the book, and wanted to see the movie so badly. But, Jeremiah was away on business that week, and all my friends were either busy or not interested in the movie, so I bit the bullet and went alone. I went to see Eat, Pray, Love this week too. Liked it. Loved the book. -Jen T.

Cindi said...

I've been to so many movies alone - I actually really love it! I really want to see Eat, Pray, Love - so maybe I'll go a night this week! If you ever want to talk travel - let me know! :-)

Liz said...

My husband used to be on the road for work all the time and I would go see movies by myself then. I actually kind of loved it.
Also your dinner looks amazing.

Sana said...

I would soooo go to the movies alone :)

Anonymous said...

i always get the greek salad too. ;)

PS - gorgeous meal presentation.

MommyB said...

I tend to eat the same thing at restaurants...if I like it why bother and try something new that I may not like right???

And I hate hate hate going to the theatre by myself to watch movies, even though I'm not a movie talker I just like to have someone by my side for post movie commentary/discussion.

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