Sunday, August 15, 2010

Healthy Living Summit - The Summit Presentations

Saturday started with a pretty sweet breakfast.  I had oatmeal with some brown sugar and raisins, fresh fruit, a caramel Oikos, and some coffee.  They also had free bags of Adora dark chocolate calcium supplements.  I grabbed one.  MMM, they rock!
Mental note, when at blog conference, bring computer!  In a last minute decision, I decided not to bring my laptop so it wouldn't take up extra room and I wouldn't have to worry about it.  Honestly, I had so much going on, I probably wouldn't have had time to really blog much anyway, but I still felt left out... :(

We got so much cool swag at this conference!  At check in we got an entire back of stuff, and then on Saturday there was even more:
I attended the first seminar on Ethical Eating:

Interesting discussion ensued...

Next up was a photography class, which was introduced/hosted by Meghann!
I obviously need help with my blog photography (case and point, above picture!), and took some notes on a few tips, but will still need to read my camera's manual to really explore its full potential I think!

Then it was on to the lunch spread!

I ended up making a random lunch of grilled veggies: eggplant and squash, salad, quinoa and endame, chick peas, fruit, and a sandwich thin with some cheese, lettuce, and tomato (I got confused and the meat was elsewhere).  Ate most of it, minus most of the sandwich thin (it kinda didn't go).
I had two mini pieces of cheesecake for dessert:

Post lunch, I went to a panel discussion on blogging hosted by Anne P.
Then I did some yoga...
(I had to take this picture quick because we were starting!)

Last up was a wrap up presentation on blogging, hosted by Caitlin and Gena.
And then my favorite part of the day:  Katie's speech
OMG, it was sooooooooooo good and left us all teary!
She is amazing, and should have a career in public/motivational speaking!

Post Summit seminar, a bunch of us took a quick walk over to Millenium Park (same crew as Open Sky party)

We walked by the brick fountains.
Found "the bean".
Got a photo of our reflections in the bean...
Then we quickly went back to the hotel for the next activity!


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