Monday, August 16, 2010

Healthy Living Summit - Sunday

Sunday began with an AWESOME run along the lake in Chicago!
A lot of people came out to run and walk and we headed out the door of the Congress.  I opted for the 5K group as I'm still getting back to normal from the knee injury, and also didn't want to be out too long since I had a flight to catch and wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time.

So the run was soooooooooooooo gorgeous!

Check out the skyline!  Amazing!

I talked to a bunch of different people on the run, but ended up mostly with Rachel, who is awesome and so fun to run with! I wish she lived closer so we could run together more, because we seemed to be close in pace. Her family is close to Charlotte and I was telling her to call me when she comes to visit :)
By the way, the knee felt GREAT!  No pain or irritation at all!  Yay!

We came across the walkers below near the water on the way back on the 5K.

Rachel and I headed back to the hotel and straight into the breakfast spread to get water and nourishment.

Unfortunately, we were kind of pressed for time to catch our flights, so I ended up picking up some bananas, a cinnamon raisin bagel thin, and some water.  I was kinda bummed I missed the make-your-own-cream cheese, but maybe I'll just have to try doing that at home myself some time ;)

Jen and I found a third person to share a ride with to O'Hare.  Lisa was really fun!
From there the photo journey of Chicago ends, but basically Jen and I got to O'Hare early enough to get lunch and ended up going to Chili's where I had a chicken wrap and salad. 
We parted ways in the B terminal, as she was headed to NJ for another week or so, and I was going back to Charlotte. 
My flight left on time and I landed right on schedule.  I rushed home to check on my puppy, who was fine, thank god!  I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see Clyde!  I missed him sooooooooooooo MUCH!

Life in Charlotte resumed.  I made Quinoa with veggies for dinner.  Basically, quinoa cooked in stock with some onion, red pepper, peas, and green beans.

And found a half a peanut butter cup sundae left from last week in the freezer, which was consumed for dessert.

I blogged A LOT last night to make up for the lack of it this weekend, and then it was off to bed.

To some up my experience of the Healthy Living Summit, it was a seriously awesome experience.  I loved meeting everyone.  It was just as cool meeting people I knew nothing about and had never read their blogs as it was to meet people whose blogs I've been reading for a long time.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and I often found myself standing next to someone and just starting a great conversation based on nothing more than the fact that we shared the blog world in common.  So so cool!  I loved it!


Sana said...

I am sooo excited that I got to meet you!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad I got to run with you, too! I will def call you when I come back into town...or you can call me if you mosey on over to Cali;)

Sheila Viers said...

It was great to meet you this weekend Brittney!

Becky said...

Running in Chicago was truly breathtaking!

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