Friday, August 27, 2010

Our House Guest

This morning I broke out some more Healthy Living Summit swag.  This time it was this Vega mix:

I used it in a Green Monster, with ice, skim milk, some frozen banana chunks, and spinach. 

Verdict?  Ehhhh, not great. Maybe it was the banana and spinach combined? I'm not sure if it would just be better tasting on it's own? Anyone else have any good ideas on what to do with this flavor?  I'm more of a vanilla or chocolate smoothie mix person. 

I don't know about you guys, but I get really stressed out about having house guests.  Which is probably why I so rarely entertain.  I'll admit it, I'm not the neatest person on the planet.  During the week I tend to pile stuff on my kitchen island and I detest folding and putting away laundry, so I've been known to leave my laundry sitting in a laundry basket far longer than it should.  That said, one of the good things about having people over is that it forces me to clean my house.  So that's what I've spent a lot of time doing this week. 

My husband's friend Dave is here from St. Louis. He is a fellow pilot and they don't see each other a lot because Dave flies for a different airline and is married with kids. Two pilots + different home bases +conflictings schedules = rare visits, and therefore it's probably been about a year since we last saw Dave. He and my husband go way back though. They went to college together and worked together flight instructing to kick off their aviation careers.

 My husband doesn't have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and keep them as friends with his career being so transient in nature.  Almost everyone he knows in Charlotte is through me.  So, it's kind of special to have a friend like this that he's known a while.
Dave was in our wedding party.
(Dave on left, Greg, and other groomsman Austin)

So anyway, this was a week of much cleaning and prep for the visit.
I mopped, vaccummed, windexed, put away junk, etc... 
Our house is now pretty clean, and I'm liking it.

When I got home from work, Greg and I took Dave to dinner.  We decided to try something new so we went to The Tilted Kilt.  I've heard the low-down on this place from a couple people and pretty much knew what to expect.  The waitresses are dressed in skimpy little plaid kilts with bare middreff showing.  Kinda like a slightly classier Hooters with an Irish/Scottish twist.  The bonus is that the food is actually pretty good and they have a nice beer list.  I was willing to go for the two latter reasons.

The boys with their beers!
And Greg and I
I had some kind of cream ale and it rocked :)
For dinner I had a grilled chicken club with garlic fries.
I kind of wanted a salad, but none of them sounded that good to me.  The chicken was yummy.
Greg had shephard's pie.  One of his favs.  I make a mean vegetarian version, but he actually did the meat variety tonight.
How cute is the little pot it came in??
I had a taste and it was good :)

I had a couple invites out tonight, but didn't know how late we'd be at dinner.  It was about 8pm by the time we got home AND it was raining.  Plus, I had to get home to do something kind of important...  I made a BLUEBERRY PIE again!  I have a brunch tomorrow and I promised I would bring one. 
Here's me in pie making action.  The pie is done!
I'm exhausted...  Off to bed!


Anonymous said...

i stress out about having people over too! you shouldn't though. your house is gooorgeous. and if anything is out of place, you can distract people with blueberry pie.

Anonymous said...

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