Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Good Times and Bad

My Saturday was not the greatest day ever.  I had to get new tires put on my car so Greg and I were up early to go drop off the car.  My front two tires were very worn and one of my rear tires had a leak that Greg had repaired twice and seemed to be leaking yet again.  Bottom line, there was really no way around it, and I ended up replacing all four tires.  Bye bye $500...  :(

After dropping off my car we headed back home and I took off on a much needed run.  I was in a crappy mood and hadn't run since Wednesday and was dying to get out there.  I believe I did somewhere between three and four miles.  It went well! 
Friday on a whim I signed up for a 5k the first week of September.  I was excited after an appointment with Greenapple that went well and want to get back in race mode now that my knee is finally close to recovered.  So, my Saturday run was important as I'm actually working towards a race goal again :)

I returned home after running and my hubby informed me he had checked flights to return to Charleston for work and that they did not look good.  He would need to take a flight that left around 1pm instead of the one he'd originally planned to take later in the day.  This was not good news since we had to pick up my car from the tire place, and we both need to get ready and get out the door.  It left both of us feeling stressed out and rushed.

We picked up my car and on the drive back home I noticed that my tire pressure sensor on one tire read WAY higher than the rest.  Not good.  Greg didn't have any time to help me figure it out, so I called the tire place and they suggested I bring it BACK so that they could see if the tire was over inflated or if it was an issue with my sensor.  GREAT. 

Before dealing with the car, I drove Greg to the airport.  On the ride there we were both cranky and irritated about my car, him having to leave so early, etc...  We got into kind of a fight and upon dropping him off we basically left things between us in a crappy state.  Which ruined my whole day. 

The thing about being with a pilot is that when you only have a few days together you feel extra pressure to have everything go well so that you have that memory of your great time together to carry you through your days apart.  I guess it can be likened to not going to bed angry; you don't want him to leave when you're not happy with each other or that's what you'll carry with you.  So that definitely sucked and put me in a funk all day on Saturday.  It was one of those fights where you are so ticked off and feel you are in the right that you don't want to be the first one to call and apologize too.

Evening rolled around and I had dinner plans with my friend Josie.  We went for sushi and it was the best I've had in a while.  We got four different types of rolls, Philly, Caterpillar, Rainbow, and crunchy shrimp.  SO GOOD.  It was beautiful to look at too, but I forgot to get a picture!  Anyway, dinner was nice because she let me vent about my argument with Greg and it helped to just get it all out.  We continued talking at a wine bar up the street where I had a "taste" (which is their half glass) of Reisling and we we sat outside. 

Later, when I'd been home for a while and cooled down about the days events, I decided to be the bigger person and call my husband.  We actually talked for a long time, probably about an hour about everything.  We talked about the stress in our lives from his career problems and where we are now with our lives, our frustrations, our hopes, etc...  It was a good productive talk and I'm glad I called and that we got through our issues. 

I went to bed at peace, which is all I really wanted.


Joanna said...

gotta love the flights before trips :( glad you are on the right now :)

DH and I have been at each other lately (this how house thing) and we hardly talk on the, good for you to talk a full hour about things!

Sana said...

I am so happy you and your husband talked it all out! I don't like to call someone when we are fighting- it's super scary!

Anonymous said...

it's great that you all talked everything out. glad to hear it. :)

and if you're ever stuck in situations where you need a ride to the mechanic, a dog sitter or just a panera greek salad partner, call me. when stew was traveling all over the place with the band this summer and i had to handle most of the move by myself, i felt totally overwhelmed by it all. it's always good to have someone who can help you out.

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