Monday, August 9, 2010

I Compost

Sunday morning I set out for my second run of the weekend.  I think the knee actually felt better the second time than the first.  I did my neighborhood loop (1-2 miles) again, so nothing major, but it felt pretty good.  I stretched a lot before and after and also did my foam roller post run.  I'm hoping that I'm on my way to full recovery.

I got back to the house and had some fruit salad (same as I made for Kelly's wedding the day before).
Then I blogged, played on the internet, and got ready to meet some friends for a late brunch.  We went to Foskoskies in Plaza Midwood.

It's this little unassuming place kind of off the beaten path.  I met Gibson, Chloe, and Sarah there.  Chloe and Gibson were all about having their chicken and waffles (not really my thing).  I'm kind of weird about chicken for breakfast.  I feel like it doesn't go...  But I totally respect other peeps wanting to eat it.
I actually had the spinach artichoke eggs Florentine.  And forgot to get a picture!  But it was totally delicious.  It was poached eggs on english muffins with the spinach artichoke sauce on it, plus home fries and fruit.  I also had about 3 small cups of coffee over the course of about 2 hours.  We were there for a while talking.
Foskoskies was pretty much the big event of my Sunday.
I debated going to a yoga class, but since I'd already ran and showered, it didn't sound that appealing to get all drenched sweaty again and I figured some downtime at home would be good, since I'm going to be away next weekend for the Healthy Living Summit!

I caught up on TIVO (Next Food Network Star, Project Runway, etc), walked Clyde, and did things around the house.  
One thing I took care of was our compost.  Greg and I got a compost bin from my parents back in March, and have been composting for a while now.  My mom has been doing it for probably 10+ years now, and got us into it.  The biggest source of debate between Greg and I over composting was where to keep the scraps in the house before dumping them in the bin outside.  He suggested a pail or something on the counter, but I didn't like the idea of stuff not being cold and possibly smelling/attracting bugs, that sort of thing.  I thought a big Ziplock bag kept in the fridge would be fine, but he didn't like that idea.  We finally settled on a plastic container that we keep in the fridge.  We empty it about every other day or so depending on the amount of stuff in there.  Some of the things we put in our compost bin are:
strawberry tops
cherry pits
avocado pits/peels
coffee grounds
tea bags
vegetable peels
onion peels
any produce past its prime that needs to be thrown out.
Once the plastic fridge bin is full and ready to go out, I walk it down the deck steps...
and over to the edge of the tree line in our back yard.  Greg placed it here so it's kind of hidden.
Then you just lift the lid and dump!
that's it!  
A few things you can't put in are citrus peels and anything with oil on it.  I take that to mean you couldn't make stir-fry and throw the left-overs in or that sort of thing.  We also worried that the bin would attract animals or smell, but it really doesn't!
We actually have built in com posters as well, which are our rabbits.  Cinnamon and Baxter eat carrot peels/tops, celery, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, etc...  So they help as well.

Do you Compost?

For dinner I had some ripe avocado to use.  Guacamole again.  I know, I'm a creature of habit... I had mine with carrot sticks and some tortilla strips.
I'm not too excited about work this week, but at least it's only a 4-day week and then I'm off to Chicago for blogger fun!


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