Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things I Do on Weeknights

I haven't really gotten back into my bloggy grove yet this week after being away in Chicago last weekend.  I'm still kind of coming down from the high and not sure my head actually made it back to Charlotte with me.  I totally lack focus!
My weeknights have been pretty similar to other weeks.  Some exercise, some food, some puppy kisses...the usual.

I did hot yoga with Jessie and Cindi on Tuesday night.  It was good to get back in the yoga studio.  Aside from my quick yoga class at The Healthy Living Summit, I probably hadn't been to yoga in about a week and a half.  This was my first time meeting Cindi and she seems really cool.  We have a lot in common and live close to each other.  I for see us hanging out again in the future. :)

Last night (Wednesday) I did another run.  I'm still Garmin-less for now so all I can do is estimate my mileage.  I'd say I probably did about 3 miles and it again felt good!  I think I'm really on the way to recovery and building mileage again.  I might make a deal with myself that if I can do 6 miles with no problems again I can go ahead and get a Garmin (I'm still holding on to a Coin-Star gift certificate to Amazon that I got for the very purpose of ordering a Garmin with right before I hurt my knee!) and sign up for another half marathon!  The idea of this excites me!!

 I have to be honest.  I haven't been to the grocery store all week.  There was a fleeting moment last night where I considered going and even went through and organized my coupons, but I just didn't feel like it.  It was kinda rainy and I was feeling lazy about trekking over there.  Here's the thing.  I keep A LOT of food in my house.  My husband gets on my case all the time about how I need to eat what we have instead of buying more stuff.  I LOVE having a stocked pantry though.  I love having many cans of black beans and chick peas, a variety of different kinds of grains, pasta, and rice.  I love having many different kinds of frozen veggies, fruit, and bread in the freezer, just in case.  Really, fresh produce is only thing I'm low on.  I have about a 1/3 bag of spinach, some grapes, and some carrots, and that's about it for fresh fruit and veggies.  I definitely need a bunch of things, but I can get by without a little longer.

That said, here's some of "eat what's in my house" eats this week- using up what I had:

I had this Zone bar to get rid of (hubby and I have a box from Costco).  So, I chopped up about half the Zone bar and put it over banana soft serve (I now keep a giant ziplock freezer bag full of chopped banana pieces for soft serve at all times!) as a topping.

I had this for breakfast one day.  It was actually pretty yummy.

Tuesday night I had what was left of my quinoa with veggies from Sunday with a little cheese melted on top, with a side of oven roasted brussell sprouts for dinner. 

I tried my hand at another round of overnight oats this week.  This time in my mix I had:
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup almond milk
about a tablespoon of macadamia nut butter
Chia seeds
In the morning I added shredded coconut to the top.  Wow, this was good!  I actually did it two days in a row because I loved the combo so much!

Last night when I decided not to go to the grocery store, I threw together a quick burrito.  I used:
an Archer Farms (Target) multigrain wrap
black beans
canned organic diced tomato
fresh spinach
cottage cheese
shredded cheddar

I just wrapped it up and microwaved it for a couple minutes til it was melted together.

One thing I haven't addressed much is the fact that because I'm married to a pilot, I eat alone A LOT.  I like to be kind of creative when I cook, but at the same time, it's sometimes hard to get excited to spend a long time cooking something complicated when it's just for one.  I'm all about quick and easy meals, like the burrito above.  Even when Greg is home, I rarely spend more than about an hour total cooking a meal for us unless it's something really out there. 
How about you?  Do you eat alone or with people?  How much time do you typically spend cooking dinner at night?


Jessie said...

I always keep a ton of food in the house too, but for some reason I never seem to want what I have!

Sana said...

I am so weird abt eating ( as you may already know) sometimes I enjoy eating alone other times I wish I had company. It all depends on what mood I am in :)

Cindi said...

Yeah for new friends! :-)

Anonymous said...

I eat alone a lot, too due to my bf's job that has him traveling most weeks. So when it's just me - it's something fast and easy because it's usually after the gym and I'm starving. But when he's home - I'd cook all night if I had the time. But usually my meals are ready in under 40 minutes!

The Friendly Skies said...

I eat alone too but its because I'm a Flight Attendant AND the boyfriend is a pilot. Yikes! I also eat out of a food bag alot AND in the corner of my galley when I work all day long. (not glamorous at all).

Joanna said...

A couple years ago, before kids, our neighbor commented on how she feels badly for me that I eat alone a lot (we live on a corner lot so the front of her house looks into the back of ours, so she could see me eating in the kitchen by myself). So it goes...the wife of a pilot :)

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