Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If We Took A Holiday...

I actually had the day off Monday since my job gives us holidays that not everyone else gets off.  This was SO AWESOME, because I really needed it.  Really, I need about a week or even two weeks off, but since I'm a hoarder of leave (I can accumulate leave at work), I have been saving my leave up for an exciting trip and/or a baby.  Neither of which is happening right now.  I really just take a day off here and there and really never get a good break.  It's kind of bad...  

So I started my day off with french toast kind of inspired by Caitlin's Grilled Banana Sandwich.  Except, I actually put Nutella in mine for the hubby, since he pretty much requests Nutella EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast!

This was pure decadence.  I barely finished two slices because it was so rich.  It was like eating dessert for breakfast.  VERY YUMMY though!

I also had pumpkin spice coffee with FROTHY milk (I like using all CAPS).

My morning at home was spent alternating between laziness and productiveness.  I read a lot of the Chicago Marathon blog recaps, which totally inspired me!
Then hubs and I got some things done around the house: laundry, dishes, bills, lawn maintenance...

Later I fixed us a quick lunch of leftovers.  We split a tuna melt (I had a little tuna leftover), each had a slice of pizza from Luisa's, and a salad of lettuce, apples, feta, and balsamic/EVOO.

We headed out to get some errands done.  I went to the eye doctor to get a new prescription for contacts as I'm down to my last spare pair.
Exciting news: I recently won an IPod Touch on a blog contest!  It was a photo contest, and I had submitted this cute picture of Clyde:
I was surprised and excited to win!
The IPod came last week :)
Being the cool wife that I am, I decided to let Greg have the IPod for a while, because he's been DYING for an IPod touch or an IPhone for a while now, but couldn't justify getting one til he goes back to Continental.  He's got a really old PC Phone that he's had for YEARS, but the cool thing about it is that he got a phone with internet before smart phones really took off and is grandfathered in paying only like $10 per month for internet on his old school phone.  He really just wants the IPod to play games on when he's sitting in the airport in between flights.  The plan is that once he goes back to Continental, he'll get an IPhone and then I'll take the IPod.  While out yesterday we also found a case for the IPod so it will be better protected while Greg is traveling with it. 

For dinner we met up with friends at Big Daddy's.

Diana's hubby, Michelle, and Caitlin.

Katie, Stew, Matt, and Kath.
I had a Boddington's beer since they were the special.  I also had a build-your-own-salad with romaine, tomato, corn, cucumbers, avocado, and Monterrey jack cheese topped with a black bean burger and vinaigrette on the side.

We parted ways with about half the group after dinner, but Caitlin, Kristien, Kath, Matt, and I went to a concert at Tremont, and were joined by Nicole and Isaac.

Tremont is a smaller concert venue, but sometimes those are the best.  It's cool to be up close in a more intimate setting.

I had some camera fun before the show started.

We were there to see Brendan James!  If you haven't heard of him, go check him out!  He's REALLY talented!  Kristien and I think he sounds a lot like David Gray.  
We found out about him from our yoga studio.  I downloaded a bunch of his songs off ITunes and have had them on repeat for weeks now.  
Before the show started, we actually talked to Brendan briefly and Kath got a picture with him!  That's another cool thing about small venues- accessibility!  I had noticed on his website that Brendan is from New Hampshire (like me!) and we talked about that for a minute before he went up on stage to start the show.

On the way out, we got in one more blogger group shot!
Then we called it a night!


Jen said...

Sounds (and looks!) like you had a great day off. I must try that breakfast combination soon. Glad you guys all enjoyed the concert. Everyone's recaps reminded me that I need to go to Big Daddy's again soon!!!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

YAAAY for Clyde winning you the iPod !! :)

I <3 Brendan James... AND smaller, more intimate shows.

Ashley and Nate said...

Lucky! iPod touches are great. I bought one for my husband for Christmas, and he loves it. They definitely make for a good distraction at the airport... plus you can pickup wifi for emailing and facebooking. :)

That winning picture of your dog is adorable too. He looks so happy.

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