Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Theme Was Pink!

Saturday morning I got up eeeeeeeeearly to pick Greg up at the airport.  He took a 5:30am flight that got in to Charlotte around 6:30, so I was at the airport at 6:45am to get him!  We headed home and both went back to bed for a little while, but didn't get much sleep because Clyde was restless!

Once we were up, Greg got ready for a day of radio control car racing, and I decided to head out for a walk with Mr. Clyde to burn off some of that puppy energy.
He sniffed lots of things...

After our walk, I had the world's greatest tuna melt!  Tuna, a little mayo, and ground pepper on Ezekial bread with Havarti cheese and tomato.  Cottage cheese on the side.

It was one of those mornings where I had all the time in the world, then all the sudden I was out of time and running late.  That happens to me ALL THE TIME!

Suddenly it was pushing 1pm and I needed to get out of the house! 
I had plans to meet Jen and Nicole at the South Park Mall for some light shopping.  We were on a mission for pink, which will make sense later. 
It was necessary that we include fro-yo in our excursion.  Hey, it was RIGHT THERE in the mall!

Pinapple and Pomegranate yogurt with strawberries, raspberries, mochi, pinapple, and kiwi.

Mmmmm Yoforia!

I ended up with a pink scarf and a top as my purchases of the day.

While in South Park, I also met my friends Chloe, Sarah, and Josie for afternoon coffee and conversation at Dean and Deluca.  All of us have gotten laxed about going to our running group because of various alternate commitments so we have to get in our girl time together at other times. 

Then I headed home to get ready for the evening's big event, Diana's Pink themed birthday party!

Me with the birthday girl! 
Confession:  I don't own a lot of pink clothes, so I had to add this pink scarf to a non-pink outfit!

Greg even broke out a pink striped shirt for the occasion.  Actually, I was pretty impressed with all the guys' pink wardrobes.  They put me to shame!

Happy newlyweds Brad and Kelly were in attendence.

I shared some wine with Kelly and Nicole.

We started with salad.

Then moved on to pizza.  Greg and I chose a Luisa pizza, which was fresh tomato, pesto, ricotta, garlic, and mozzarella.

It was SO GOOD!  The flavors were like margarita pizza.  Totally delicious.
I understand why this is Diana's favorite pizza in Charlotte.

After pizza, it was time for cake!  And for bloggers to take pictures!

Greg and I were exhausted from getting up early, so we headed out after pizza, while some of the crowd headed out dancing.

Happy Birthday to Diana! 


Kristina @ spabettie said...

my first thought was, I would have no trouble finding something pink to wear... but with all the PINK things I have, I really only have a couple pieces of clothing...

looks like a fun time - and with fro yo !! :D

Clyde, as always, is adorable.

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