Sunday, October 24, 2010


Friday night I debated all day about whether to run that night after work or not.  My weekly mileage was pretty low (just over 6 miles total, not counting the long run I did on Monday), but I kind of felt like my legs needed a break.  I knew I was going to do a short run either Friday night or Saturday morning.

My friend Josie called me during the day on Friday and wanted to know if we could get together for dinner.  I finally decided to go with my gut and hold off on the run that night and join her for dinner.  It would have been three nights in a row of running if I'd run on Friday night and usually I'm an every other day runner.

We chose to eat at the Hickory Tavern and sat outside.
I ordered a chicken taco and a fish taco with sweet potato fries and a Blue Moon.
Yummy!  The sweet potato fries had some kind of honey stuff on them, which was actually a nice change since I'm used to having them plain.

Josie and I called it a night fairly early (hey, we're both old).

Saturday morning I got up early to pick up Greg at the airport.  He came in around 6:45am again.  We went home and went back to sleep for a while. 
Later, I got up to get my run on.  I decided to just head out without a mile number in my head and do what I felt like.  This ended up working out great.  I did 3.5 miles in 35:56.  I didn't pressure myself to do more or make myself go faster, I just ran and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

I also wore my new Lululemon cropped pants:
Here's me after the run, green monster in hand.
For those of you that asked, they are the Inspire cropped pants.  Verdict?  I loved them.  I'm thinking I might want to start running in tight pants, shorts, or cropped pants more.  I really liked how my legs glided with them on during the run as opposed to the inevitable bunch up you get with shorts sometimes.  They also have a pocket in the upper back, which is cool.

Post run, Greg and I gradually got ready to take Clyde out to Barktoberfest in Charlotte.
It's a doggie event with sort of a Halloween theme and dogs wear costumes and there's contests, booths, food, etc...  Originally, Greg wasn't going to come with me.  He was planning to do some RC car racing instead, but the other day he called and said he wanted to come with Clyde and I.  Cute :)

Clyde was ready for the action in his bee costume.

We toured through the booths getting some treats for Clyde and checking out a couple doggie daycare's in the area.
They started the contests and we entered the "sloppiest kisser" contest, but Clyde had some stage fright and the dog that won was a huge dog with drool hanging out of the side of his mouth, so we didn't really stand a!

Here was the winner taking a bath.  See, how could we compete?!

 Eventually, we made our way to the Salsaritas station for some food. 
I had a pork taco and some chips.  We found a table and Greg got us some beer.

Clyde kind of took it all in.  I think he was a little overwhelmed.

I was disappointed that there weren't more dachshunds there.  We found about 3 others.  Two long haired, and this one dressed as a hot dog, which was our original planned costume for Clyde.
He actually growled at Clyde a little and wasn't totally friendly.  But they looked cute together in the picture!

We were all pooped after about 2 hours there and headed home.


Kristina @ spabettie said...

Clyde is SO cute. :D

Anonymous said...

ok. stew and i need a dog JUST so we can go to barktober fest. clyde is the cutest bee in the world.

Runblondie26 said...

Love the bee costume in Clyde. He always looks so snuggly.

I may have dressed myself and my daugher up in a similar costume for a race this weekend. I feel a little silly posting the pictures now ;) They were people costumes I swear!

Nicole @ Yuppie Yogini said...

The bee costume is sooo funny--lol!

Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life said...

Clyde makes and precious bee!

I used to work for WFNZ and was at the Doghouse all the time... fun to see my old stompin' grounds :)

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