Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zada Jane's

I got called away on a work emergency before I could finish recapping the weekend, so I'm sorry if this post is way behind!

Saturday night Greg and I met Brad and Kelly out for dinner at Zada Jane's in Plaza Midwood.

I have been there once before for breakfast, but hadn't been for dinner yet, so I was excited to try it.

Right before leaving, Brad told me they were planning on bringing Rascal and sitting outside, so Greg and I decided to bring Clyde too.
People were taking multiple pictures, and I was looking at a different camera...lol!

Newly weds still being newly weds... :)

It was a bit chilly, but I brought a jacket, so I was ok.  Clyde was happy to see his pal Rascal.

Greg and I actually order the same thing- a side salad with Balsamic and mushroom ravioli in sage butter sauce.

Carbs sounded like a good idea to me since my long run was planned for Sunday morning.
I actually wolfed this all down too, because I was kind of famished by the time dinner rolled around.

Back at home I warmed us up some mugs of apple cider with cinnamon as a toasty fall evening treat.
Then I was off to bed so I could get up early Sunday for my run!


Jessie said...

I have been to Zada Jane's once and had the mushroom ravioli and loved it! Blu Basil has really good mushroom ravioli too.

Monique said...

haha I love dog outings :)

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