Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zoe's Kitchen Blogger Lunch

The fun didn't end at Metro Fitness on Saturday.  After a tour and workout, us bloggers were invited to lunch at Zoe's Kitchen at their midtown location.

I've seen this place many times when going to other stores in the area and always wondered how the food at Zoe's was.  I was happy to finally have a chance to try it!

The decor was modern and bright.
We were welcomed us with big cups to take home.

They also set out bowls of hummus with pita for us. 

We all perused the menu, and I decided on the veggie pita pizza with greek salad.

While waiting for the food, we hung out with our Metro Fitness friends.

They gave us t-shirts, and Katie decided to put hers on and model for me!

Then lunch arrived!

I had the small salad and half the pizza.  I brought Greg the other half for a late lunch at home.  We both liked it!

We got in one more group shot before we all headed out:

Zoe's is pretty close to where I work, so I think I will return for lunch out with co-workers sometime.  The food is all healthy and fresh.  It was a great event, and again, thank you to everyone at Metro Fitness, Zoe's, and to Gwen- our organizer!


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