Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday in Hilton Head

Greg landed in Charlotte around 6:30am yesterday morning and headed home to help me pack up for our trip to Hilton Head. 
I drove down so Greg could sleep since he'd been up since four-something in the morning to catch his flight to Charlotte.

We made it to Hilton Head by 1pm and quickly headed out to lunch with my parents.  It was a gorgeous fall day so we chose The Boathouse, which is a restaurant right on the water.

Here was a our view...
They have a dock where boats can pull in and people can come have lunch at the restaurant via boat.
Nice views right!?
They also had fall decorations out.

I ordered a mimosa (drink special).

My mom and I split a shrimp and crab quesadilla and an Asian salad.


After lunch we headed to Hudson's fish market to get shrimp for dinner.  Hilton Head has awesome fresh seafood.

While my parents were in the market, Greg and I snapped some pics on the dock.

My mom with our shrimp!

We headed back to the house and then shennanigans ensued.

Clyde showed off his Halloween costume.
His expressions are too funny!

 My mom, Greg, Clyde, and I took a walk around.

I'm totally excited to do my 10 mile run here before we head back to Charlotte!  My plan is to run the trails here on Monday before Greg and I drive back.
Clyde enjoyed exploring.

There's bridges and lookouts over the marsh.

We also looped around the marina area.

Clyde sniffed the dock.

We saw this guy in the boat ramp area.

I never get tired of the views here.  It's so gorgeous.

After our walk we actually went up to the pool, which is still open and heated.  I was weary of the idea at first, but it felt nice once we got in.

Then dinner!

Dinner music:
The vino:

We had baked stuffed shrimp (one of my favorites), with roasted vegetables, and whole grain wild rice.  I also had a couple bites of my dad's filet mignon.

For dessert we had chocolate cake, ice cream, and raspberries.

I'm well fed at home, huh? ;)

Puppy cuddling.

I love it here.  Think my parents would let me move in??


Sana said...

What beautiful pics! I think you should move and take us all with you!

Kristina @ spabettie said...

you move in??

whatever, I am wanting them to let US move in !! :D

they seem to like dachshunds... Basil will fit right in... he LOVES to be cuddled !!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Hope you run went well!

Does HHI have a half or full? If so, we need to do it... well the half for me ;) I bet it'd be flat!

Vicky said...

Seeing your beach pics makes me want to go to the beach so badly!! I hope you are having fun!

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