Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Changes and Other Happenings

Howdy people!  So first things first!  I realize I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on the curve on this one, but I finally bit the bullet and bought my blog domain!  Shocking, I know.  My domain is now which means, that my domain FINALLY matches the title of my blog!  I'm not absolutely sure how all this works so if you need to update blog rolls, lists, readers, etc... to keep up with me, I hope you will do that and keep reading what's happening in my little corner of the universe!  I'm sure a lot of you have been annoyed for a while with my silly blog URL, which was something I came up with when I set up the blog not realizing I would use it for so long.  I had an irrational fear that people would lose track of me if I switched it to anything else so I never would make the leap.  The fear is over now though, and I thought it made sense for the URL to match the name of my blog, so here we are.  I also gave the blog a little face lift recently, switching to a plane/sky theme, to go with my blog name.  I know I'm not going to win any blog of the year awards here or anything, but I try to keep it kind of fresh and user friendly...  I welcome feedback if you guys have any!  Also, thank you everyone who reads and comments on my blog.  I love having you guys with me on my journey through life and love hearing what you have to say, so please keep reading and commenting!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway!  This week is moving along swimmingly!  I had a hot date with two lovely ladies last night at Liu Liu's for dinner. 

Erin and I already know each other, but I found Sara on Twitter recently and discovered she lives close to me and blogs!  How we hadn't found each other sooner, I do not know!  That was remedied last night when we all met up!

Picture courtesy of Erin!
I love Liu Liu's!  They have a great menu with all sorts of Asian cuisine, including sushi and assorted traditional and modern options.  It's probably my favorite Asian place around Charlotte, and I frequently alternate between sushi and chicken with mixed vegetables in white wine sauce, which is totally unique and I've never had anything like it at any other Asian place.  I went the non-sushi route and ordered chicken with mixed veggies.  Behold the deliciousness:

I also had a glass of Pinot Grigio to keep with the white wine theme of my meal.

These girls are great.  We talked for so long about places we've lived, blogging, trying to conceive (hey, you know that's bound to come up with me!), and all that good stuff.  Sara later made the comment that "the best part about meeting other healthy living bloggers is feeling like you've known them all your life."  True, these girls definitely don't feel like people I just met.  It's nice when you have that automatic common ground to start with :)  Can't wait to hang out with them again!

Back at home I had a date with my book club book, which came in the mail yesterday!

Clyde sat in my lap chewing a rawhide while I read.

I'm liking the book so far.  I find it interesting that the book is written by a woman but the story is told by a man.  Kind of like "Memoirs of The Geisha" in which the story is written by a man told by a woman.  Tricky.

*Note, this post was already posted earlier in the week, but due to Blogger issues, it reappeared in the "draft" section missing some of the original post.  I am re-posting it.


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