Monday, May 9, 2011

Melanie's Baby Shower

Saturday was the main event of the weekend, my friend Melanie's baby shower!  We headed over to the party in time to see everything getting all set up.

In case you can't tell by the blue and green decor, Melanie is having a boy!

Yummy lemon cookie "flowers".

"Dirt" pudding served in a flower pot with "worms". 

The spread.

Lots of wraps!

The cake!  How cute is this??  She's naming him Isaac :)


Baby paraphenalia from Melanie and her husband's baby days.

We didn't wait long before we were told to dig in.  Um, twist my arm ;)

I had a half a veggie wrap, veggies, crackers, cheese, dip, a mini cucumber sandwich with dill, and some chips.

After eating, and playing a few games such as "match the baby animal to the parent animal" (did you know a baby fish is called a fry??) Melanie opened presents.

I got Mel some fun monkey baby clothes, along with a baby food maker and storage containers for the baby food.

Someone else got her this awesome diaper cake and on top was a box shaped like a golf cart with a little golfer outfit inside!  Mel's husband is a golf nut, so it was very fitting!

She cut the cake, which was like a lemon poundcake with buttercream frosting, and I had some with a side of "dirt" pudding, which was awesome!

Mel and I went back and forth for months trying to decide if and when I should visit while she was pregnant, and this weekend almost didn't happen, but then I decided I should just get out there and be there for the baby shower about a week and a half ago, and I'm SO GLAD I did.  I kept thinking how wonderful it was that I got to see Melanie pregnant and be there to see her enjoy all her presents and celebrate having a baby.  I'm so glad I was part of it.  I got very choked up saying goodbye yesterday when I left to make the drive back to Charlotte.  I miss Mel a lot and it's sad that we don't get to see each other more often.  I am planning to go out to Indianapolis to see her sometime after the baby is born if I can swing it though.


Erin said...

So cute! I am sure the shower did wonders for your baby fever! Haha. See you tomorrow! :)

Katie said...

how cute is that cake??

Monique said...

That cake is totally adorable!! :) And my friends and I used to split cookie bouquets back in high school haha, wow those took me back! I haven't seen one since :)

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