Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Chowed Down Uptown At The Food Truck Rally

Sorry I've been MIA!  I am currently in Hilton Head for the weekend, because we had a surprise birthday party for my mom, which involved a surprise visit from my brother and sister-in-law, about 30 people at a wine bar, and CAKE :)  More on that later! 

Thursday night I met Diana and Kelly at the first Chow Down Uptown, a food truck rally held on 7th street in a parking lot. 

I'd heard via Twitter this was happening and that a bunch of other Charlotte bloggie friends would be there.  Fun!

Kelly had the right idea and bee-lined for the cupcakes at The Southern Cake Queen truck right off the bat.

Kel got a chocolate cupcake that looked delicious.  Diana and I had planned to come back to the cupcake truck after checking out the other food options for dinner.  This ended up being a big mistake because we later came back to find them sold out of cupcakes :(  FAIL!

Oh well, we first headed to The Roaming Fork truck, and decided to split an order of fish tacos.

It was a really wise decision to head to The Roaming Fork first, because later the line to get food at this truck was insane!  Our fish tacos were cooked to order, and were flavorful and spicy.

After devouring my taco and mingling with other food truck foodies and bloggers in attendance ( Hi Julie and Tanya!), we headed to The Harvest Moon truck.

Diana and I chose the quinoa cake, again splitting it. 

 It was great to have a buddy to split things with!

Quinoa, sweet potato, and onion topped with asparagus puree and yogurt sauce.

Really unique.  Kind of sweet tasting and mild.  I'd like to try making a version of this at home.
We also shared a local brewed root beer that was tasty and refreshing in the heat.

At this point we were going to get a cupcake, but when we found out that was not an option, we ended up heading back to The Roaming Fork truck for something we were hearing about from many other rally attendees: the fried deviled eggs.  Now, I am not a huge deviled egg person, but I'm glad I went outside of my comfort zone and decided to try these.

They were like dollops of egg salad, breaded, and fried and the definitely lived up to the hype they were getting.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and yumminess of the food options at this event.  I don't think of gourmet, local, awesome food when I think of a food truck, but the stuff I ate at the rally was awesome! 

Lessons learned? 
1.  Food truck food can be healthy and delicious.
2.  Do not wear your 2-3 inch heels right from work.  I WILL bring flip flops next time!
3.  Going with a buddy and sharing things works out great!
4.  If there's something you are dying to try, DO NOT wait!  Get it ASAP or it might be sold out later!
5.  Be adventurous and try something you haven't had before.

Apparently they are planning on making this event a regular thing!  Guess I need to go back for a cupcake!


Tanya Kummerow said...

I can't wait to hear about your Hilton Head Trip and the surprise party!

Carly said...

That sounds really neat and really fun. How cool!

Monique said...

So fun!! They have these in San Francisco all the time, and I'd been wanting to go so bad before I moved. I need to see if Phoenix does it now!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the funnest festival ever! I was always weary of food trucks at first too...but man you had some delicious eats! How fun! :)

YUMMommy said...

I so wanted to attended this. Guess I will have to catch it next year.

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