Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprise Times 2 and Wine Times 4

When I was little I couldn't really keep a secret that well.  It's well known in my family that if I got someone a present for Christmas and got excited about it, I would probably tell them what I got them before Christmas and blow the surprise.  After 30+ years of having this reputation, I'd like to think I've redeemed myself by helping to pull off one of the best surprises in my family ever- my mom's 60th birthday party!

There were actually two parts to the surprise.  The first was that my brother and his wife flew down for the occasion, something my mom was completely unaware of.  A few weeks ago I told her I would come down to Hilton Head to spend her birthday with her, but she had no idea my brother had booked plane tickets and would be coming as well.  Mark and Ashley flew into Charlotte Friday night and Saturday morning we all packed up my car and headed to Hilton Head.  When I got to my parents house, my mom was actually on the phone with my aunt, so I had them wait outside for a few minutes, and then finally when she was off the phone, I went out to the car to "get my stuff" and had them follow me in.

The look on her face was PRICELESS :)  So fun!

It was about noon by the time we got there so we regrouped then took my mom out to lunch at Bistro 17.

The restaurant is located in Shelter Cove, which is kind of a boat harbor with little shops and restaurants.

Bistro 17 has outdoor seating, so we dined al fresco.  It was lovely!

My brother and I with the birthday girl!

Ashley and Dad.

Yes, as you might have guessed, Greg was flying and missed the fun :(  I believe he was in LA on Saturday.  It's the life of a pilot's wife...

I ordered a bistro salad topped with a crab cake for lunch.  Yum!

After lunch we headed back to my parent's house and then changed into bathing suits and went to the pool for a float.  Temps were around 90 degrees, and the water felt great!

My dad and I were kind of watching the clock, and were careful to make sure we got everyone out of the pool with plenty of time to go back to the house and get ready for my mom's surprise party.

At one point, my mom asked what we were doing for dinner, and I told her my brother had been looking online at new places to try (which sounds like something he would do), and found a new wine bar that looked like it would be fun to check out.  She agreed that would be fun, and our plan was on track.  We even convinced her it would be fun to dress up when Ashley and I told her we were wearing dresses.
*insert evil laugh...muahahahahaha*

We arrived at Wine Times 4 right on schedule, at about 6:15pm (everyone else got there around 6pm).  We headed in and were greeted with about 25 of my mom's friends yelling Happy Birthday and surprise!

Second surprise of the day accomplished! 
I had helped plan the party along with my mom's friend Lois over the course of the last few weeks.

She was blown away :)  I loved it!

Mom and my brother.

Wine Time 4 is a unique wine bar.  When you get there, they give you a card that you insert into slot above bottles of wine hooked to a machine.  You choose which wine you want to try and can choose one, two, or three pours in your glass, then the price/amount is recorded to your card.  At the end you turn in your card and you pay the amount you have racked up based on which wines and how much you had. 

It's cool because it enables you to try many different kinds of wine. 
Along with the wine, we ordered a plethora of appetizers.

Party time!

We drank and mingled, and then it was time for cake!  We got my mom a chocolate, almond, raspberry cake from Signe's Bakery, just like my wedding cake.  My mom and I constantly rave about how good it is, so I knew she would love it.

SO DELICIOUS :)  We actually had a ton leftover so I got to take some back to Charlotte with me.  Yum!

Then my mom opened presents!

My mom is not really a dog person, but kind of loves Clyde, which a lot of people know, as evidence by this doxie purse gift!

I got my mom an engraved bracelet with her initials on it.

It was so much fun!  We don't really do surprise parties much in my family, so I think that made it extra fun and special.  I'm so happy we were all able to come together to celebrate her birthday and keep the surprise from her!


Brittany (A Healthy Slice of Life) said...

Sounds like it went flawlessly!! Great job! I'll bet it was a ton of fun. I love surprises :)

Carly said...

How fun! I'm a lover and hater of surprises all at the same time. And the wine place sounds really neat.

Erin @ The Grass Skirt said...

I'm so glad that the surprise was a success! The expression on her face was so cute! I've eaten at Bistro 17 before, by the way. Very good. :)

Jen said...

Yay, so glad you pulled it off. I know you put a lot of hard work into it!

That cake looks SO good!

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